Wednesday, April 09, 2008

WIP Wednesday!

Hi there!! Sorry for the break, geesh, sometimes the days go by fast huh! :)

TD is so close I can taste it!!
Tilted Duster
Collar started and sleeve 1 done! I so need to finish this! It's already too warm to wear it...sigh, but maybe I can get a day or so in this year. Must knit sweaters faster, or smaller (shorter) sweaters, or with larger needles....hmmm (Mr. Greenjeans, I am close to being able to cast you on!!)

My next sock project, which you may be seeing a lot of lately, a bunch of us from the Socks that Rawk group at Ravelry are in a KAL.
Cedar Creek Socks
Cedar Creek Socks from my Rockin' Sock Club 2006 first shipment. Also, *blushes* the first pair I've knit from the club. I'm always so far behind. The yarn is It is STR Lightweight, Gypsum Colorway I didn't even get a chance to highlight it on a YPF, so here's a little midweek treat!

STR Lightweight
STR Lightweight
Love the colors, picked out by my swap pal Carrie. :)
I do have 1 other pair OTN, but that's for next week. It's a lovely yarn that's been marinating way too long in the stash, waiting for the "right" pair of socks. After a few frogging attempts after trying to knit lacey socks...well, you'll see! ;)


thegabbyknitter said...

How great that your almost finished with TD. I can't wait to see it when it's all finished!

That is some seriously beautiful sock yarn!

Jess said...

Wow, those aren't even my go to colors and I love them all together! Can't wait to see the progress.

Karen said...

It's so exciting to see TD almost done!!! Eeeeeee. And the STR - swoon. You can never miss with STR.

gilraen said...

Oh wow what WiPs!! And STR makes my day anyday of the week!!! :)

soapy said...

So exciting to be so close to be complete! YEAH! Keep up the great work!

Now those cedar creek socks you'll LOVE them! I absolutely LOVE mine!! Neat colorway!
What an AWESOME choice and GREAT swap partner! YEAH Carrie!

Bezzie said...

Oh STR from the STR Queen! That's special yarn!

freshisle said...

A sweater - almost there! I can't remember the last time I finished a sweater. Gorgeous STR!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

The Tilted Duster is looking really good! Keep going. When I get back from camp, sweater here I come!!

Cedar Creeks look great!

bloomingknitter said...

How do you like the Socks the Rawk Club? This is where you get a shipment every month or every other month right? It seems like such a big investment, but the yarn is yummy. Can you only get the colorways by being in the club?

I just can't get over the shimmer on your socks as you are knitting it up.

Ava said...

the Gypsum is beautiful. I've only knit up one pair from the club myself...