Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WIP's I got

So here we go, another Wednesday, hump day!

In progress, only about 5 rows in is,
Mr. Greenjeans
Mr. Greenjeans or as I'll probably call it Ms. Lipstickjeans hehe...well, the colorway name is Lipstick Lava, it's Dream in Color Classy, and compared to the peruvia, what a dream to you can see I allowed myself to swatch (yeah, gauge was spot on!) and cast on, as a reward for getting sleeve 1 done. Soon to be worked on as I have a June 1 deadline for it, and yeah, it'll probably go into storage too, but will be brand new for the fall!
Fixation Footies
Yes, I do love red, thanks for asking ;) Toe up footies, my own pattern I'm winging in Cascade Fixation. More on them later.

Cedar Creek STR socks
Cedar Creeks are stalled a bit so I can finish a pair of footies.

Oh and yeah...why does 5" of ribbing seem to take for-freakin'-ever
On and on, and on
4 buttonholes done....1.5" or less left of ribbing......then...stay tuned!


cpurl17 said...

Hey, your WIPs are lookin' good. Ms. Lipstick is going to be one hot mama!

knittypants said...

love the reds! Isn't fun to start swatching for something new, it means something else is just about off the needles.

tiennie said...

I think your WIPs are great!

Karen said...

Very good!!! I'm thinking I should have cast on some footies too - I doubt I'll get my April Socks done.

Hoping the insurance meeting went well.

weezalana said...

Because those are the last 5" and you just want to be done! You're so close! Power through, because we wanna see! :)

Sarah Jackson said...

So excited to see that the tilted duster is nearly done! Yay for you!

I'm really tempted by the DIC Classy, but I haven't tried it yet. Glad to hear that you like it.

aquaknits said...

Cheering you on for that last little bit of Duster!!

Ragan Knits etc... said...

TD is SOOOO close!
Can't wait to hear your Greenjeans review...I want to make that.

Rebel said...

OOH -good luck with Ms. Lipstick. I made my Mr. Greenjeans too big and now I don't wear it. =/