Friday, May 02, 2008

YPF-The Nerdy Version

Yeah..I could have been classified a nerd in high school, but my hubby, he was the classic one, plastic pocket protector (which he still used when I met him..well not the same one), fab glasses (ha! more like bcp's) and clothes. But ok, you came here for the pr0n huh ;)

Yarn Nerd 1700 MHZ Merino (DK weight)
String Theory colorway
100% Superwash Merino Wool
220 yards / 3.2 oz

This yarn is so soft! Silver (although it looks black here, teal, mustard and orange) (sorry for the blaring picture...tried to fix it better with no luck)

This could be my new favorite color & greeny/yellow(duh mustard)...yikes! I don't want to hear how both colors can be derived from y****w either now!

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tiennie said...

Adam does great work!! Very pretty.