Sunday, June 08, 2008

Comfort Food

This weekend has been a blur of shopping, cleaning/organizing a few things, laundry, sewing (hey my old machine is doing pretty good, phew as I need to finish a few custom orders), and not enough knitting.

We all have our favorite ones huh! My main one is potatoes...any form...must be the Mainer in me! Mashed potatoes was probably my first baby food! Still is my #1 hangover cure too!

I'm not the worlds best fryer..heck can barely fry chicken, but fish, especially flounder is getting mucho easier on me (well it does help that the iron skillet is on med/high not high anymore). Ask my kids how long the house used to smell of fried food. (heh..who am I kidding, it was usually burnt!) That's why I hardly ever fried. That and it's not really good for hubby either.

So I present my fried flounder, which I prepare like this...salt and pepper fish, dredge in cornmeal, put in heated oil, fry til golden...voila! Flounder is so thin and quick to fry that I feel it's good for you...yeah don't tell me any different! :) My picky eater daughter loves this flounder better than storebought..heh! The green beans..not fresh..sigh frozen organic....but still good.

The German potato salad was taught to me by my MIL...mind you I've been married to her son almost 23 yrs...and it's not until like the last year, I've finally made some halfway decent (well I won't lie to you, she usually always made it, but hardly does anymore so..I'm trying) and edible.
My son isn't home right now, but he'll tell me if the potatoes are too thick, too much vinegar, or ?? This time, a bit too much vinegar, but I love vinegar! It is missing a tiny bit of oil, but I needed it all to fry the fish...I could have added some fishy oil...but yuk...

Comfort food It was gone in about 5 minutes..well maybe 7 ;) I went to get another 1/2 piece and save the rest for my certain large, furry beast had a smile on her lips! The cat didn't even get a piece! Wonder what story I can tell my son on why he's not got any to snack on.. oops!

German Potato Salad ala MIL
Red potatoes-I used about 12 sm/med size ones...this is all gestimate...use more potatoes, use more of the below ingredients.
Salata German seasoned vinegar dressing (I know my local German Rest. uses Heinz Cider vinegar--heck use what you want!)
Onion-I used vidalia tonite, but use what you want to..or not..yikes I couldn't imagine, but I know there are some that don't like or can't eat them.
Cucumber-sliced very thin..I use my mandolin.
Salt and pepper.

Ok first you boil potatoes in their jackets(skins) until tender. Hey, I learned a new trick! I let them set for a bit (maybe 10 mins while I went to the store) then dumped out the hot water and replaced with cold. Those skins peeled off very easy! Kinda like when I did that to tomatoes. Ok, then slice very thin as you can and pop into a bowl. Set aside

While the potatoes are boiling, prepare the onion and cucumber (slice both thinly) and add whatever amount of salt and pepper you like..or not ;) put in a bowl and cover the bowl with the vinegar. This makes a brine for them to soak in. I usually let it stew for at least an hour or so.

To combine for the salad, add about 1 tbl. (or less) of oil to the potatoes (helps them not to stick...I usually use regular vegtable oil, but will try it next time with olive oil.) then drain almost all of the vinegar out of the onion, cucumber bath (set aside in case you want to add more of it to the salad) and add to the potatoes. Taste, and add more vinegar if you need too. Enjoy!

I really love mac-n-cheese and I suspect before the week is out, I'll be making some homemade easy peasy mac-n-cheese....

So tell me...what's your favorite(s) comfort foods....

Gosh...wonder if it is too late for some GPS right now....prolly not... ;)


Karen said...

Okay, I am officially starving now. The banana I just ate for breakfast was fine, until I saw your blog. Yummy!!!!! I love onions, but now raw - so I might try some green onions or some chives instead. And the flounder - oh how I love flounder. I want to come eat dinner at your house!!!! :)

yarnsnob said...

Yum yum yum. Love potatoe salad. Mom only makes it twice a yar and I give her heck all the time over that. I love it when she uses a vinegar based dressing. :0) Poor Saphire I am reporting you to the ASPCA for not giving her some fish to eat. :0)

weezalana said...

Mmmm...potato salad. I love me some vinegar, too! Especially red wine vinegar.

Rice is always comforting to me. So are Brown Sugar Pop Tarts. ;)

Qutecowgirl said...

When I need something it is always a starch. Mashed or fried potatoes or rice with a little butter and salt. Or my real comfort food. Angel hair pasta with garlic and oil with freshly grated cheese and fresh black pepper. mmmm I am getting hungry now.


I have been reading and just want to let you know that I am sending good thoughts your way.

kemtee said...

I just ate the last of the spaghetti tonite. My own sauce, loosely based on Grandma's recipe. My little Italian Grandma. Now if I could only replicate her garlic pizza….

Kay aka dkswife said...

My favorite comfort food? Probably red beans and rice. Mmmmm I love stuff like that.