Monday, August 25, 2008

FO threeeee

Hey, remember that commercial "How many licks til you get to the middle of a tootsie pop?" You know the owl that said one, two, threeee

Well, here it is. Number threeeee
Unoriginal Hat Part Deux - why Part Deux you ask...see below!
BMFA Leticia in the Lagoon Colorway (Yarn from my trip to Seattle last year)(from that store that organizes yarns by color not fiber...)
US 10.5 dpns...heh very bluey grey dpns right now!! Any cleaning hints??
Unoriginal Redux Hat
It's a bit snug, but think a good baaath and it'll be poifect!

Close up
It's a bit of a thick/thin yarn, not like Manos or Magellenes, but pretty easy to knit with. Felt like I was knitting with pencil roving, although I have no idea what knitting with pencil roving is like it just looks like it...oh wait...I knit with Burly spun, do'uh it's thinner than that LOL.

Oh the Part Deux...well you guys know me, I hardly evah knit anything once!! Last year I knit this using US 11's and ran outta yarn. So I frogged it, I didn't know Burly spun then, coulda maybe used it to finish. So, I saw it sitting there in the stash and since I was going to be on Team Blue Moon, I figured what the hay, a quick project and use the stash... Besides, I really didn't want to just do a ribbed hat, this one was way more exciting...well to me ;)

The 10.5's were perfect, I even had a tiny ball tell me the hell does .5 of a needle size make such a difference, inquiring, nosy (he gotta tell you a nose story...see below) mindless peeps wanna know!

Ok, so here we are last week, at a cook out and it's nice, cool, only light outside is the bonfire. Off I go to inside the house for a potty break. Boing, I can't walk in the door...I try again, and ouch!! Methinks I re-deviated my septum...gosh I'm a klutz! *note to self, you are not a ghost you cannot walk through a screen door!*


Sandra said...

Honey, first - looking at your last two post must notice that you look kinda younger!
Second - the first pic reminds me of Blairwitch project - really funny!

Virtuous said...

One of my fav projects I have yet to knit!! :oD

Glad all is well Z!

Bezzie said...

Wow. So size DOES matter! ;-)

It looks great!

Disco said...

That looks like one warm hat. I like the colours :0)

Rebecca said...

gorgeous! i may have to make one of those. love the yarn. it's just delish!

DPUTiger said...

I loved those Tootsie Pop commercials. And the Almond Joy/Mounds commercials that always ran during the Peanuts specials. Good times ...

Hat looks faboo! way to go! :)

Kara said...

Ooh, love this version! It looks like the yarn and colorway were made for this pattern!

Javajem said...

Love it! The colors are gorgeous!!

Julie said...

Okay, first thing I have to ask you is how many drinks did you have at that cookout ;-)

Love the hat!

aija said...

Gorgeous!! I love that colorway in the Leticia :)

KnitPastis said...

Yep! Totally remember the Tootsie Pop commerical.

Your hat looks beautiful! Great cables and colorway!

Ouch, sorry about your run in but the cookout sounds like it made up for it.

weezalana said...

Another cosy hat! You're gonna have one toasty head come winter!

Jennifer said...

You are on fire! Great hat.

sgeddes said...

Love it! the colors are great and I bet that is going to be one warm hat!