Sunday, August 03, 2008

Listening to your customers...

They have great ideas! Here are a few custom orders I've finished. I'm not doing any shop updates, just a few orders here and there before I have to take another break.

Custom Circular case Circular

Custom order DPN (front) Interchangeable (back)
Custom order
My customer wanted a plain outside with this for the inside of her dpn case. I've had a few other customer requests to do so.

Then she came up with a wonderful idea. She told me since my shop labels are printed on iron on fabric, couldn't I do that with needle sizes?? why didn't I think of that before!!
Needle sizes
So, here you see, most of the sizes I thought were useful printed on iron on fabric.

Numbers to tell the needles where to go!
See, they work, (warning: when you cut them these are tiny, don't burn yerself ironing them on!)

**I'm offering a set of free numbers to all my previous customers that would like them. If you have more than one needlecase, yes, I'll include whatever extra numbers you need. If you only need certain numbers, that's ok too. Just drop me an email.

***Needlecase for sale*** SOLD**(if you'd like a custom order in this print, email me )
1 interchangeable needle case for $25 plus shipping (your choice priority or first class)
Outside of needle case
This case was returned to me, as I didn't have enough pockets on the inside for the customer. So I took the inside that didn't work for her and made this case. It was never used as she returned it to me right away. So my mistake can be yours at a discount. Sorry no inside pictures, (camera is charging) but you can check here if you need to see the examples of what the interchangeable case looks like. email me if you are interested.


Sarah Jackson said...

what a clever idea! I think I'll do that with mine and I'll watch my fingers. I love that needle case you have for sale, but I'm trying to resist.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Fabulous cases Z! And the numbers are a great idea! Of course, I'd burn my fingers, so I'll keep mine as is :)

Bezzie said...

Oh what a great idea with the numbers for the needlesizes! I just always count, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. But I'll save you a stamp and make my own (I've got the iron on transfer paper...) I don't have a cool label with your brand name on it though :-(

gilraen said...

Very clever!!!!

I have some Iron on reansfer paper, I will copy this and add some labels to my lovely case you made me ;)

gilraen said...

Oops, meant transfer paper :duh:!!

Carol said...

You are "sew" clever!

tiennie said...

These are wonderful! You are so talented. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea; I think I'll make some for my case as well. Please let us know when you'll be sewing more cases; I'd like to get a couple more eventually. You do such wonderful work!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Those are super cute. I wish I could sew.