Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's up Wednesday and a Warning!!

Ok, so since I'm hanging at home the rest of this week, I figured it was time to get some things done I've been meaning to for a while, in between knitting and sleeping.

First up, stitchmarkers. I have quite a few, some I've made, bought or received in swaps/gifts/orders.


I prefer for me, the ones totally formed by 1 wire (which I cannot do at all, I wish I could) or split rings.

These below don't need anything done to them, they are fine as they are.


So you can see I have a bit of retrofitting to do!

Now I'm happy, a few of the retrofitted sets.

Next up, corkboard. Your ordinary, used a coupon, corkboard from your local craft store.
After seeing Cristi's, I knew I wanted to make my own with wine corks so onward...(hehe like a year later)

Got a bag o'corks that were lying around and commenced to afixing them.

EVIL YELLOW glue gun! Hot, hot, hot!! (ask me how I know ;) note to self, get one of them low heat type ones so ya don't burn yourself!) (I know, it's cause it's yellow huh!)

Then you go into the garage to find another box o'corks you've been saving for like 2 years!!! (hubby will be so proud I've used about 1/2 of them! He's the wino, not me! hic-cup!)

Then after some gluing, cussing cause you burnt yourself...again, and careful placement,
you have a corkboard!

050 Another note to self. Scissors don't cut corks too well!

Ahhh now in it's place! FYI the bird is from some Charlotte peeps (you know who you are!!), the pink fabric has buttons my son hand-sewed on, and the top card.....

Well, this says it all!!

The warning!!
I got this Lucky bamboo the week I found out I had a suspicious area on my mammogram in early May. I didn't search it out, just saw it in eyekea.

Yesterday, I found out I'm finished with treatments and now it'll just be more mammograms and MRI's to monitor and ensure no recurrence.

Weird huh!

I'm thinking though, it's the replanting of this in the vase with the rocks that did it, so iffin you were going to do this...just beware and catch it sooner than I did. Not sure if it can be black thumb is back! Or it was to last long enough to see me through these last few months...hmmm


Christie said...

You've been busy! And that cork board is so cute...I just drink wine. Boo Hoo!

Knittypants said...

That corkboard is awesome.

So glad to hear your finished with treatments. that's the best news.

Rebecca said...

that's cool. you ought to try a boat, next!

whichendisup said...

yay to no more treatments! your corkboard is lovely, i think i may have been inspired. ;-)

Macoco said...

Your cork board is really nice. I tried to make one and it is embarrassingly sloppy. And I wasn't even drinking any wine while making it!

Karen said...

Wow, damn, you have been BUSY!!! New and improved stitch markers. A brand new stylish corkboard. And all while you are supposed to be resting up. Phew, I'm tired just reading about it!!

Yup, I think the bamboo is a sign. You just don't need it's lucky powers anymore, so it's telling you that it's job is done. :)

Carol said...

that corkboard is da bomb! I've been throwing my corks out. Not anymore.

Yay for jsut having regular checkups!

Anonymous said...

You really have been busy!

I love the corkboard; I've only ever seen one before and fell in love. You did a wonderful job on yours.

Corrina said...

Oh wow, the corkboard is awesome!

And yay for finishing treatments!

tiennie said...

Yay for being done with treatment! I hope you're feeling well!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Yey for being done with treatments!

I MUST have a cork board like that too!

Bezzie said...

Dude your boobs are going to be the next Must See TV!!!

Cute board and maybe Lucky will pull thru yet!

Oh and it's good to see I'm not the only stitchmarker ho! ;-)

Sonya said...

Very cool corkboard! And YAY for no more treatments.

Rebel said...

Yay for the lucky bamboo! I'd keep that one around. =)

I love your cork board, I was collecting corks for a while to do the same, but then had to toss them all when I moved.

Javajem said...

I love the corkboard!! I made one after my trip to Napa and Sonoma and I just love mine.

Too cool!

weezalana said...

Very cool corkboard! Does this make you a wine-o?

Whoo hoo for finishing treatments! Boo hoo for the bamboo yellowing - but hey, it was lucky when it needed to be, right? ;)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Such good news Zonda!! Hope you are feeling better too!!

Love the cork board!

bockstark.knits said...

I've been wanting to make a corkboard like that but I don't drink enough wine!!! Very cool indeed!

Jo said...

Lovely corkboard :) I had to print off your picture with the housework slogan - that is so me!

thegabbyknitter said...

The corkboard is so cool! I love the little housework card, so true.
I'm so glad your all done now. I'm sorry about your bamboo. I had one that I kept in my room but Gabby thought it looked like food and tried to eat and it didn't make it.

cpurl17 said...

Hi there crafty girl!

Just yesterday I commented on a co-workers yellowing money tree. We just think it's due to the economy.

And yay for your boobies and being done with treatmenat! Yay!

turtlegirl76 said...

Yay for no more treatments! And the corkboard looks fabulous. Heheheheh on the bird.

KnitPastis said...

I love your cork board! Cork smells so good doesn't it?

Hope you are feeling much better!

Jewel said...

What a fun idea! Hope all is well.

Jess said...

No more treatments- YAAAY! Hugs to you!

Your cork board is fabulous. I am going to start saving NOW. This might take me about 10 years, but I am determined!

Sandra said...

I am totaly in love with corkboard! Must start collecting corks!!!!!

aquaknits said...

I'm so glad you're all done with your treatment!! That really is a terrific cork board, even if you had some snags along the way, well worth it!

Are those little slices of cake stitch markers I see? Too cute!

Jennifer said...

What a clever corkboard!