Monday, October 13, 2008

Just another Monday..

Well, I am off and trying to get motivated to finish a sleeve! I have 1 more sleeve and the rest of the body and button band and T-9 days! Gah! Oh well, I've decided I'll get the button at SAFF anyways, so maybe a photoshoot there. :) Yeah, I know I've had 4 days off, but I was working on a sock, bad, bad, girl.

Now with computer
My newest arrival in my room the Dave laptop table. It's been sitting in the garage awaiting the day my hubby would buy himself a new laptop, well as you can see, it happened. Now all I need is refrig and microwave, and I never have to leave my room LOL!

I've also been Destashing again. Check it out and email me if you see anything (or leave a comment here) you would like. Thanks for looking! I'm sure in a couple of weeks there will be more again.

Well, off to get sleeve knitting again....later!


tiennie said...

My plans are to sit on my couch with my laptop today too. It's cold out and I want to be surfing blogs. :)

Sarah Jackson said...

my goodness you're destashing a lot of yarn! Enjoy your cozy little spot.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I best go check out that destash! Hope you had a great Monday!!

cpurl17 said...

That's a sweet set up! If I had that I'd never leave my bedroom!