Saturday, December 20, 2008

It was a mistake...yeah yeah

It was a mistake....hehe..ok, can't remember the rest of the words to the song! Good thing huh ;)

Well, I was about to mail my Aunt's hats and scarves when I thought, geesh...Uncle would love a set too I'm sure. Since they are my only holiday knits, save a couple of other things that don't "need" to get done, go for it. week later..yeah, I'm slow and read on and find out why too ;)

Mistake rib scarf
Mistake rib scarf from Urban Urchin Pattern in SnB 2008 Calendar
Wool-ease Thick n' Quick - Charcoal Colorway
US 15's....get outta here...another scarf knit back and forth, 2 in one month...hard to believe from someone who dislikes immensely that process huh! But knits up really fast!

Close up of the patterning. I love knitting mistake rib!
Mistake rib scarf
I used every bit of the skein. Talking about less than 2" left after bind off to weave in! Approximately 40" long.

So..onto the other "mistake"
Urban Urchin
A close up!

Urban Urchin
Urban Urchin hat from SnB 2008 Calendar
Lorna's Laces Bulky - Pewter Colorway
US 10 circular

I loved knitting this hat, really, it was done before the scarf that I wasn't going to do but did ;) I was excited. That was until I actually tried it on a person.....

You see...
It was a Mistake....yeah, yeah....

Hot Head Hat
It is now the Hot Head Hat from SnB
Lorna's Laces Bulky- Pewter Colorway
US 10 and 10.5 Circulars --why 2 sizes, I didn't like how the 10.5's fabric, so didn't want another frogging session so I just continued on with 10's and you really can't tell. Plus if he wants to fold it up, it is a bit stretchier.

Haha...tricked ya! When I tried the Urban Urchin hat, it was way too short! You see, it was in bulky yarn so I went up a needle...not sure I needed to either. I also thought it may be too short (I didn't run out of yarn, just thought I was done according to the pattern)..well it was, looked like a beanie on hubby and he said no way would a guy where that...yeah..well looked at it on me and nope, not cutting it. I really loved the decreases in this hat as well, maybe I'll try it in another yarn for me! It was reborn into the hat you see above.

The yarns, well the T&Q is ok, a good scarf yarn as far as I can tell, thick and knits quick. My 2nd scarf with it this jokes about the year being only 11 days left either ;)
The LLaces Bulky is a dream! I love it. Soft and superwash and the NSS (not so solid) colorway is neat in the depths of color. Which you won't see as much cause I had to mail it and well, my hat model was at school...darn ;)

Anyways...they are on their way to their new home! Speaking of home, son is finally home! Was a drama and the reason for no posts the last few days. You see I was tracking his flights, and when the 2nd leg had landed early I was happy. He was a little ways away and home soon...or so I thought. Well, it decided to be foggy that nite. We're talking almost soup-like and the airport here said, nope no way. He called to say first flight home was cancelled, then 10 mins. later no flights at all.

So we regrouped and ditched daughter at Grandma's and gassed up and off for Charlotte, yes 3 hrs away! You know I wanted to see my Charlotte knitting peeps...but I don't think they would have appreciated a phone call at midnight was an adventure in foggy driving and we made it there, picked up this cough..cough, young man and arrived home at 4 am! Hey, we had to stop for breakfast you know ;) Whew...hope his return flight is much easier! Next time I'll reserve with travel agent as getting a refund for the unflight should be interesting!! to knit and chill more!
ETA: Someone I read regularly has posted recipes this week! A bunch of them and I can't find you!! Serves me right for over 300 blogline reads...sniff, save me! You had some great ones there! Here they are! Thanks Turtle!


Anonymous said...

Love the mistake!
I am so glad your son is home, have a wonderful Christmas with him. I look forward to seeing pictures!

Jennifer said...

I love that scarf! About the mistake rib hat. I made one for a chemo cap, and noticed that it is a bit short just as written in the pattern. I like how the hot head turned out!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

The hat is perfect! And so glad the young man is home!! Sounds like that was some fun drama!

Anonymous said...

Nice hats and scarf!

Hopefully, his flight back to school will be uneventful. Good luck with the refund!

Carol said...

mistake my left foot. Looks good!

And I hear you about the fog. I flew to Milan once in December. They get thick fog there so often it is unbelievable. And it was indeed. They wound up landing in Genova and bussing us up to Milan. Not fun. But I got there in the end, so all was well. So I know exactly what you mean by thick fog. Glad son is home now! :;waves madly::

Turtle said...

good for you on the mom save!! The knitting looks great....Stumbling over chaos just put up a ton of good looking recipes...maybe?

anna said...

the hat turned out absolutely lovely! ^_^ oh, the drama of flights to get home, i remember that all too well! so glad your son made it home safe and sound!

Batty said...

Lovely hat -- it's always possible to turn up the hem, which makes the ears extra warm.

I hate holiday travel drama. But at least everything is OK now.

freshisle said...

I'll bet you'll enjoy having your son home for the holidays in spite of the weather problems getting him there!
Lovely knits, too.

Bezzie said...

Oh it looks so snuggly! All around!

weezalana said...

Mistake good! Both are lovely, I especially love the hat!

Sandra said...

what would it be like without mistakes!? heehee! luckily, you can always find head to match hat perfectly!

Merry x-mas to you and your family!

tiennie said...

Looks great! Happy holidays to you!!

Chris said...

I love mistake rib! Happy candy making? ;)