Thursday, January 08, 2009

I wonder...

if they took the squeak out? You know out of acrylic? You see, 3 years ago when I started knitting seriously my first few projects were with Red Heart yarns. I was using metal straight needles, and the squeaking gave me the heebie jeebies! So glad I had discovered wool and other blends, and more needle material choices! Now, I have knit with other acrylic brands with no problems, but it was always the RH that squeaked to me!

However, sometimes it is necessary to knit with it, and my first 2 FO's of 2009 are your classic Red Heart Supersaver.

First up is a scarf
Special Olympics Scarf
For the Special Olympics Scarf Project . I finished! Woot, it was close there...

You see..
Crochet attempt
I was really trying to do crochet. Well, other than edging, my crochet skillz are severely lacking in the gauge department. So rather than rip out and start over, and since time was of the essence...I cast on for my standby scarf project.

After 2 side/by/side scarves...I wanted my no brainer, easy-peasy scarf pattern.
Special Olympics Scarf
Cast on about 180 stitches on a US 15, 60" circular and knit away....
Ahhh Gartah
Ahhhh, gartah!

Knit with the required Delft blue and white yarns...

Onto the other acrylic project. I knit this hat for my wool allergic SIL. She's not a girly girl, so my stash of non-wool yarns wouldn't suit her. So for her cold, Arizona mornings, I knit her these. Just got them mailed to her today.

Those Mitts
Those Mitts by A Friend to Knit With (if not on Ravelry, look on her sidebar for the pdf file! :)
Red Heart Supersaver in Gray
US 6 dpns and ML (hehe..had to ML it when I temporarily lost my the front seat of the car--passenger side)

This pattern is by the same designer that you may have seen
Those Mitts
Toasty and Toast knit up all around.

I really enjoyed knitting these as I love the thumb gusset construction. Cannot wait to knit these up in wool! For me! I have none...sad huh!

I have to say, despite the acrylic, both yarns did not squeak and bug me. I admit my wrists were a bit tired than when I knit with wool, but hey for what they were needed for, worth my little bit of achyness.


Disco said...

But now my eyes are burning!!!

Only joking ;0)

Melissa said...

The squeaking kills me too. Glad to know that it wasn't too bad.
However, love the mitts.

Bezzie said...

The RH is a bit crunchy. But it has a special place in my heart for non-fussy-non-knitter projects and babystuff.

Love the scarf! Sorry your crocheted one didn't turn out so hot.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors of the scarf. The one time I tried to knit a lengthwise scarf, I ended up cuttin it in the middle and still having 2 very long scarves!

I love the blue and white combination; and the mitts are really nice. I can't believe you don't have any yet.

I'm jusst catching up on the week's posts and I have to tell you that I think I've gained 10 pounds reading your first couple of posts of the week!

Mag said...

I tell people I can't crochet, but I can read the patterns, go through the motions, but the tension! I cannot get the tension to remain even and you know what that does to gauge. It is the exact same problem that I have with continental knitting. Tension.

Yay for easy care knits!
You know those gray mitts look great!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

So glad they took the squeak out!! Both are great projects!! Love the fingerless gloves especially!

Anna said...

LOL, i swear all my mittens have been knit for others, nice projects. might have to give some of the new red heart a try, i remember that squeeky-squeeky!

Jennifer said...

I've found that acrylics have been remarkably less squeaky as well. It's a good thing!

weezalana said...

Yay for no squeak! They turned out lovely!