Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sniff and See

or scratch and sniff! Remember those books or am I really aging myself!

New dishsoap,! Such a nice clean, fresh scent! Not perfumey that would send me into an attack.

(side rant, I work in a hospital and employees that drown um..put a little too much on (perfume/aftershave), remember you work in a hospital, people are sick and don't want to smell you especially after you've left the room, walked down the hall etc. Oh yeah, and maybe some of your coworkers might want to breathe too! ok end rant! ;)

Now See!!
Cotty Sock
I usually don't post 1 sock too often but I love this patterning and well, the yarn of course! I can't describe what I think the side patterning looks like to me, it's neat and I like it.
Cotty Sock by Irishgirlieknits :) as you can see, a tiny bit leftover from the split skein! Sock 2 has the picot edge done, onward to the cuff.

Hey, does anyone have any easy, and well, you know good tasting low carb recipes? I need to cut even more down per Dr. and have been experimenting. Hubby's not too happy, but hey, he can deal. He's just jealous that my cholesterol is 10 times lower than his! LOL..well not really 10 times ;) Either that or sharing the swimming lane with me is getting to least I'm recovered from the 5 flightofstairs debacle...going to try yoga tomorrow nite too! Yeah, the yearly test results mean I gotta get this body in gear and lose some of the midsection. Fun..huh..not!


Anonymous said...

I use Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day for the same reason. It has a light scent, but not cloying.

I'm right there with you on people that wear too much cologne. There is a guy at the gym that must use 1/2 a bottle before he hits the treadmill. It almost knocked me out one day. Peeee-ewwwww.

The sock is beautiful. I love that color.

Carol said...

Gorgeous color on the sock and the pattern rocks

Virtuous said...

Talk about knitting on the edge! Wow!!

Those Cotty socks are a smash and are going to do so well!

Great color choice too Z!!

Melissa said...

Low carb tortillas have 4g per tortilla, so they make great wrappers for a lunch sandwich, use your favorite fillings.

For dinner, I love this one:
Brown 1 lb ground beef. Add 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 cup sour cream and a can of Italian seasoned tomato paste (the little skinny can). Mix it up, sprinkle the top with grated cheese of choice and heat until the cheese melts.

That's an awesome sock! Have fun with the second one. :)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Frittatas! Those are my favorite and you can pretty much put anything in them!

Love love love the sock! The color is just gorgeous!!

Bezzie said...

Beautiful socks!!! I love that purple.

Honesty when I was forced to go low-carb, I just kept eating carbs--just not as many as I used to--the one slice of bread peanut butter sandwich instead of two for example. The 18 tortilla chip nachos...etc.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sock!!

I'm with you on the perfume/ aftershave thing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sock! Great color.

freshisle said...

Lovely sock and I like the side patterning, too!
Dear hubby is permanently on a no carb/low carb diet and I've learned to adjust. Only certain veggies allowed, lots of meat and cheese. Mashed cauliflower makes a great substitute for flour!

MsKnottyKnits said...

I love the sock - it's gorgeous!!

Low carb? What's low carb? Where did I put that pasta....

weezalana said...

I just got Palmolive Clean & Clear for the same reason! Ugh, I hate it when people soak themselves in perfume or aftershave. I always wonder how they can stand being around themselves if it's making MY eyes water from across the room!

FAB sock! Wish I could help you on the low-carb recipes, but it's all carbs all the time here in the weeza household. ;)

tiennie said...

That sock pattern is really pretty!

I can't stand overpowering perfume/cologne. I love that my hubby just smells soapy. :)

kemtee said...

Sock rocks. Going to try the dish soap, though I'm very stuck in my Dawn rut.

Can't help with the carb thing. It's that Italian blood. Gotta have bread and pasta or I just get plain ol' nasty.

cpurl17 said...

I haven't met a carb I didnt like--or eat so I'm not much help.

LOVE the sock!! It's so pretty!

Karen said...

I remember Scratch and Sniff books!! I used to love them so much!! Pretty sock. I think I need to add that to my (way too long already) Rav queue.

Low carb? You'd think the T1 diabetic would have some good recipes, huh? But I just count my carbs and try to eat less than 30g per meal. It's not always easy to do. Nuts and cheese sticks make good snacks. Popcorn always give a big bang for the carb buck. Thin crust pizza can help when you have a pizza craving. Big salads with chicken, cheese and sunflower seeds are yummy. For a decadent treat, I like to buy the Boar's Head mozzarella and prosciutto roll - instead of putting the slices on crackers, I put them on cucumber circles. Top with a little balsamic vinegar and it's so yummy!!

sgeddes said...

I love those socks! If I can ever gain back my concentration and finish some of the stuff I've got going on now, I'll start that pair next.

I agree - lose the smelly stuff. there are a couple people where I work that must bath in perfume each morning.

Donna said...

I remember scratch and sniff books, also those books you could feel the different textures.

We try to watch carbs and fat. I count WW points, so I'm not sure how this will compare for you. We use Nature's Own Honey Wheat Light bread. It's just 1 point (I think) for two slices of bread, and it tastes good. Sorry, but I don't really have any good recipes. I do try to cook lots of lean meat (not much beef, but the 93% lean when I do use hamburger) and vegetables with not a lot of starches.

Sam said...

Super cute sock! Love the color.

Knitty Cent said...

^5. someone needs to make that public service announcement during the whole introductory phase of hiring people. "no sexual harassment, and no smelling like you bathed in perfume/cologne!" LOL

cute sock! i love the colorway and lacy pattern!

Kay aka dkswife said...

I once loved perfume. Now, it physically makes me ill to smell it on people. A little spritz is okay, but full-on perfume....GAG!

Carol said...

Oh yeah, I had a client to day in a pharmacy who had so much perfume on she stunk the place up for a while after she left! Ick.

As for the low carb, I hate doing that to lose weight. I have found that switching to complex carbs is helpful. As in, get rid of white bread, eat whole wheat etc....( I call it my no-white diet. No white bread, no white pasta or potatoes)

Knit Witch said...

Oh man, I am a nurse and I can't STAND it when people in the hospital do that - exactly - ummm, hello - these people are SICK and you are making them SICKER! I used to work with a woman when I was a vet tech and you knew the instant she walked into the building - way before you ever saw her. GAG!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK - end rant - nice sock!