Saturday, January 30, 2010

Denim Slippers

These are knit in the very first Cascade 220 yarn I bought about...hmm...4 years ago. I've been waiting for a small project as I only had 2 skeins.

Enter these slippers and here you go.
French Press Slippers
A pretty easy knit I'd say. Why did it take me 2 months...well you know me, other things got in the way. (Funny thing, when I started them, only about under 100 people had knit, over 2,000 of them, possibly more! ) Sometimes the quick knits take me the longest. I love my buttons, faux leather. I do love this style of button and you may see it again sometime on a sweater, if I ever finish one soon!

ETA: Here's the pre-felted picture, huge huh!

French Press Slippers
Seaming help here! Don't let the seaming scare you!! She has great videos on it. Besides, it's felted, so if you screw it up, who is gonna know! The pieces go pretty quick.

Well, um..I was a wee bit picky on my tab sewing. Yes, I can be a perfectionist at didn't know that ;)
On the feet
They fit pretty good. 3 times through Megan's washer (thank you Megan!) was good overall. Maybe a smidge too short in the toe, but we'll see with wearing. It's nice to have a friend with a top-loading washer :) My dream laundry room will have a top loader, along with my front loader and some shelves, and a bar to hand stuff on outta the dryer, and a...well a girl can dream huh!

French Press Slippers by Melynda Bernardi
US 15 dpn's
Started November 9, 2009
Finished January 25, 2010 took me this week to felt and sew on the tabs ;) Oh, sew the button on the tabs first! Easier that way!

Well, off to do the bills, then I can knit and spin to my heart's delight (unless I take some naps..) Why you ask? Well see here!
Sleety weather
Sleety rain, yep, no snow :( but sleety rain...hmmmm

See the road..
See the road. We haz no sand here...and iffin we do, it's not coming to my area for a few days...
Phew...not on call either :)


Cookie said...

So cute!

Sleet?! Jeez...


Sarah Jackson said...

I love them! I just downloaded the updated pattern. Maybe it's time to make myself a pair.

Discoknits said...

Cute cute cute!

We got the sleety rain too. Or ice snow. I'm calling it snow , for the boys' sake. It's their first and they are SO excited.

Beverly said...

That's how it looks outside my window too! Plus snow. Stayin' in though. Love the slippers! Sooo cute. Talk about a viral pattern!

Anonymous said...


I think that's a great pattern and you did a great job on them. So cute!

Slush -- yuck! Glad you don't have to venture out into it.

MsKnottyKnits said...

Thanks for the washer love! :-p

You are welcome to use it any time - particularly if your slippers come out that awesome!

DPUTiger said...

I essentially have the laundry room you describe, minus the top-loader. We do have a top-loader at the Lake, so I try to do my felting during the summer when I have easy access to that machine.

Nice slippers! They look fab!

Sylvia said...

Love them! Want them! They look so cosy and warm.

Batty said...

Those look comfy and cute. Maybe I need to knit a pair after all.

Jo said...

Great slippers - I love that shade of blue. I'm surprised we got snow at all - we were told that the storm was going to be well south of us - but there is about 2" outside, enough to cover all the roads and grass.

Carol said...

With weather like htat, you'll get lots of use out of your cutie patootie slippers!

Bezzie said...

I dig! And just in time for the snow! Yay!!!!

I love the buttons. Those are Moochie-fidget buttons. I have a button like that on a sweater and he's constantly playing with it when I wear that sweater!

freshisle said...

Love the blue for the slippers and you did a great job on matching the tabs.

turtlegirl76 said...

Love them!

My car hasn't moved since Friday. We have a few inches of snow, but there's ice under it. My car is too small and light to deal with that. Or, that's my excuse for not going anywhere. At least until I run out of toilet paper. =P

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love love love those slippers! Bummer on not more snow though!

Virtuous said...

You are right! These slippers have taken on the knitting world by storm! It has been on the top of my list for months too ;op

Yours came out GREAT!

And hope you stayed warm and safe this past weekend :) I hear more freezing rain for us GAAA!

Anonymous said...

Those slippers are awesome! The weather - not so much.

Sandra said...

they are gorgeously amazing! Wannnnnna ones!