Friday, January 01, 2010

Last FO of 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

As usual, I finished my December SAM 8 socks about 11:30 pm. I only had a toe to do, but procrastinated all day.

The Fence Shot
I started sock 1 in March for our Monkey's for March KAL at SAM 8...what month is it now? Lately my goal is to get a few of those unfinished socks done. All I have left for socks is a pair of cuffs and like 4 rows started of another, that will be frogged and restarted. So I'll start off 2010 sock wise a lot better than last year. (no we aren't going to talk about the other Wips are we ;)

Picot cuffs..
Picot cuffs
Which I don't mind, but after 3 pairs in the last 6 months, a bit tired of them now. The left sock was started in March on 2.75mm circular, a bit loose, but not too bad. I had also knit the entire cuff with the same needles. The right sock I started a week ago, knit only on 2.5mm. Darn, I like how the colors work better on that one....sigh..what a difference .25 can make.

Toe Pic!
Toe pics

So I tried them on to see if I could make the yo's open up a bit and see the pattern.
Well...kinda can see the YO's
yeah, not too bad..

The yarn isn't too bad, pretty soft actually. The only beef is some unspun areas, which I noticed more on sock 2. The yarn comes in 2 skeins so maybe it was just that one skein.
The color is pretty good, better on sock 2, no huge pooling of colors either. Just maybe should have picked a different pattern.

Anyhow, glad they are done! Onward to 2010

No purl Mini-Monkey Socks
Pigeonroof Studios Superwash Merino Sock
Loganberry Colorway
2.75mm & 2.5mm circ, Magic Loop
Started March 20, 2009
Finished December 31, 2009

Oh, FYI if anyone wants to join us for SAM 9, come on over!


Beverly said...

They are very pretty! Lovely color. Great way to start the year and no, we won't talk about wip's. (I wish my sock wip's were as tamed as yours!)

Opal said...

lovely socks!

happy new year, z! may it be a prosperous, joyous and healthy one. :)

Julie said...

Pretty Monkeys! Can you believe I have yet to knit a pair of Monkey socks?
Happy New Year to you, Zonda!

jomamma said...

Dang where was I last year for 2009 sock a month? I was knitting a sock a month... whew. Glad that's done. I'm going back to knitting a sweater a month and socks every 3rd month. LOVE these, great color!

Lulah said...


Cookie said...

Great socks!

Happy New Year!


Batty said...

Love the colors. My Monkeys went to my sister. Maybe I need to knit myself a pair...

Anyhow, Happy New Year!

weezalana said...

Well done, and a lovely way to end '09!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Gorgeous!!! I love that colorway!