Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More handspun :)

Finally I can post this! This was a gift for a friend across the pond. After 3 weeks of travel, it finally arrived to her!

I had 2 small bobbins after spinning the fiber. I decided to make it a 2 ply.
Kettle Dyed Wool top

I'm pretty happy with it. The first bobbin spun well and the 2nd bobbin I thought had spun well..well..um..found quite a few unspun little gobs....what do you call them? Heh, I'll call them slubs

You can see some of them slubs there

Amethyst handspun

The pictures aren't the best, I've since made a light box for those nights there is no daylight when I get home ;)


Some of this 2 ply is sooo nice, some of it..well it's ok, I am still learning.
even more
She loved it and I'm sure will knit it into something good.

Amethyst Handspun
Blended Domestic and Imported wool 58's grade
Amethyst Colorway
2 ply
I forgot to take a picture before I spun it. Here is the Etsy link. I had a tiny bit leftover on a bobbin, it was this I practiced my navajo ply and spun the yarn you saw last week.


Beverly said...

It looks good to me! I don't spin at all, so I'm not much of a judge of your technical skills, but it looks very "knittable" so therefore, it's a success! Pretty color too.

cpurl17 said...

ooooh lucky friend!!!

peri said...

Looks great. What a gorgeous colour.

Marissa said...

Your spinning is something else! I'm going to have to meet up with you when you are next in Maine so you can teach me! Also- lightbox?? Will you share what you did? (Not that I've even attempted to photograph anything I've knit lately...)

Acornbud said...

Lovely yarn! Very nice work.

Javajem said...

Beautiful! You are getting better and better!

Lulah said...

Lucky friend you have!!

Batty said...

Love the color! And it looks so squooshy.

Bezzie said...

You're such a fast learner!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Look at you go Zonda! Just gorgeous!!!

KnitPastis said...

Beautiful spinning job!

Pat said...

Beautiful yarn - don't you love it when you come to a "sweet spot" where everything went perfectly for awhile?
I"m still at the point where I really appreciate those sections!