Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"I Love this Yarn"

I have to tell you! I've knit with it and it was ok, now that I can say I've crocheted with it, definately good.

If you are searching for a great acrylic yarn for those projects you know need a washable yarn. This is your yarn. All you need is your local Hobby Lobby.

Presenting my first crocheted project since like...well I was about 14 and I'm not going to tell you how long ago that was ;)
First crochet mini-ghan
It's a 29 x 29 granny square lapghan for one lucky Veteran at our local VA Hospital. You see this weekend is the National Salute to the Hospitalized Veteran. Last year the Volunteer Director asked all the local knitting/quilting groups to donate red, white, and blue afghan/lapghan's so they could be distributed to the Vets.

Close up, not too bad a job.
I do admit I was pretty particular and frogged a bit when my stitches got a bit too big. Some still are, but hey, not too shabby for someone who hasn't done this in a while (you know other than edging on something)

Our knitting guild (psst..I am the President now...yikes or what!!) and a few other local knitting groups all submitted lap/afghans over the past year. She had asked for about 200 of them. When I visited her Monday...the stack of tubs full of these were taller than me, so yeah, I think they got what they needed.
She was also thrilled as there were enough of the non-r/w/b color afghans donated throughout the past year, so Vets will get one of each.

Oh back to the yarn. It's a soft yarn to knit/crochet with, much better than other acrylics I've used before. After washing and drying it's even more fabulous. So squishy soft!

I Love This Yarn
Old Glory Ombre 2 skeins & a little bit of Red
Size L hook
Just one big granny square, 29" x 29"


turtlegirl76 said...

It looks great! Go, Zonda, Go! You're crocheting!!

Dee said...

Your blanket turned out beautiful! I know the vet that gets it will be very grateful (and warm).

We are getting a Hobby Lobby in August. I've heard their cotton yarn is wonderful. Can't wait to check that out for myself.

Karen said...

What a great blanket for a terrific cause!!

Sandra said...

great - you are crocheting! Those coloures are so croat-ish, then yet ... french-ish ... and many other countries with red, blue and white in flag!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Great blanket!

It's too bad that we don't have a Hobby Lobby on the West Coast.

Renna said...

It's beautiful! How I wish I'd known about this event. We have a VA hospital in a town not too many miles away. I now have ideas for the future, and will see if my knit group wishes to participate.

I'm glad to learn about that yarn, too. Our small town got a Hobby Lobby last year. I've not yet tried their "I Love This Yarn", but have been meaning to, eventually. I'm glad to know it's good! :-)

Carol said...

Such a nice blanket and going to someone deserving...