Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wip's and Winners!

Well it is Wednesday, update time for the Wip's I'm gonna confess about...(shhh...don't tell the other ones I'm not giving them any glory right now ok! ;)

6 rows and bind off away from my Waterlilies Outta the Pool sock 1...
Everyone Outta the Pool

Taiyo sweater is coming along, not as fast as I want, but one can only knit with this yarn for a little while. Most likely 4-5" and then ribbing to go..we'll see. Trying to embrace the Noro striping whatever the way it wants to.
Taiyo Sweater
This is great purse my purse isn't that big LOL! This has it's own purse, but it is perfect for mindless and knitting around others...

This one however, right now is only hometime see that middle cabled section...yeah, that's why. You are doing something on both the knit and purl side, whew, and some of them stitches are a doozy. But I love it!
Creature Comfort Cardi
Creature Comforts Cardi (sorry only on Ravelry) by Madelinetosh It's called a cardi, but no buttons and is more like a'll see later ;)

Yarn is Dream in Color, Cloud Jungle colorway. I've been collecting this yarn for a while. A destash here and there and the last couple of skeins on sale from Woolgirl (sadly closed). Because of this, I am knitting from 2 skeins (2 rows each skein). I didn't on my Mr. Lipstickjeans and I wished I had...I thought it would be a pain, but not so. Another reason it's not so portable.

Oh and I know you're all gonna ask about my yarn bowls. Souviners from the 2 SAFF trips.
Left is from Potterknitter and right one is from Knit Witch.

Don't let me forget the Winners!! Thank you to everyone who left a comment, and for visiting the Knitcircus site where I hope you've found something that catches your eye!

Knitcircus Subscription Winners are:

Sandra and Stariel!

The following 3 have won a copy of the Spring 2010 Pattern Collection:

Knit/purl mama

Ladies, please Email Me so I can forward your email addresses to Jaala.


Kaye said...

That's a really great cardimashrug. I can't wait to see it done!

Beverly said...

You have some great projects going! The socks are so pretty and the Taiyo sweater will be nice! I LOVE the cloud jungle colorway. It's going to look great as that cardi/shrug. And what great cables! I love the leaves.

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh the Cardigan is going to be gorgeous! I love that color! And the cabley leafy pattern is so striking!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

OooH! Thanks for picking me as a winner! You've made my day!!

I just emailed you which pattern I'd love!

chemgrrl said...

Wow, that cardigan shrug thing! That's damn pretty.

Rosebelleknits said...

Oh! I won?!! Awesome!

Can I get this pattern?



Dee said...

The cables on that cardigan are unbelievable awesome.

Chris said...

Congrats to the winners!

I love the colors in that sock.

weezalana said...

That leaf cable is BEAUTIFUL!

cpurl17 said...

What! I'm a loser! hehe

That leaf cardigan, drool!!

Sandra said...

OMG, I won! I won! I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stariel said...

Lovely WIPs! I like the Noro sweater - it took me a while but eventually I got used to just going with the striping. :)

And I'm so happy to have won the Knitcircus subscription, thanks for holding the contest!

Alice said...

Wow, that cable motif is GORGEOUS. Can't wait to see it grow!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Catching up on blog reading (finally!!) and I just love all your WIPS! The Noro cardi is just gorgeous though!!