Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ten on Tuesday


This week's topic -- 10 Things to bring on Vacation

1. Money - cash & credit/debit cards nowadays I guess. I used to use traveler's cheques, but had a hard time cashing them. Does anyone still use them? Oh..if you are going out of your country, then I guess you better get your $$ changed to the currency needed. (can you tell I've never done that...well yet ;)

2. Clothes - for whatever climate you'll be visiting (please don't be like me and pack a ton! I always overpack and don't use half of it. Either that, I end up doing laundry and didn't need all the darn clothes anyways!

3. Chargers - for cell phones, camera's, GPS (if driving), Ipod/mp3 player & computer if you are bringing one.

4. Camera - if you wish to document the trip :)

5. Book/magazine - to read when relaxing or traveling. Well you know as long as you aren't driving ;)

6. Snacks - at least for the trip. Sometimes the pit stops you make don't have "healthy" ones...who am I kidding, I ate like 2 Krystal burgers ;) If we go to Maine, there are many places that are visited..oh..yeah we were talking about snacks LOL!

7. Shoes - comfortable ones! Well depending on where you are going...

8. A list of places to visit - could one be a yarn or fabric store?? huh? Ok, maybe historic or fun or ??

9. Emergency kit - can include a tiny sewing repair kit, first aid stuff (band aids and the like), medicines to help you feel better if you eat or drink too much....plus for other stuff we won't talk about ok!

10. Oh how could I forget! My knitting! Bet you thought that would be the first thing huh! As usual, I pack more than I could possibly knit...oh well, one may want choices right!

Hope you had a laugh and if I helped you remember something, good!


dianne said...

I was getting nervous reading down your list waiting for the knitting. It's a staple item, right? I don't even drive to the grocery store without mine :-)

weezalana said...

I used to overpack like CRAZY! But now I make a list of outfits to wear for each day, then just bring along an extra top or two. That system has served me very well since!

Sandra said...

If I could choose it would be knitting, knitting and crocheting!
I always bring way to much clothes for kids!

Carol said...

i always try to bring multifunctional clothing. Like the windbreaker that can be a raincoat or be something to sit on if the park bench is icky