Wednesday, March 16, 2011


When I first received my two braids for the All Spun Up Ravelry SAL for Feb/Mar I was more happy with the base than the colors. I didn't dislike the colors, they just didn't seem to be intense enough with the green,(not much for pastels) The purple was ok ....shame on me....
Shouldn't judge a book by it's cover huh! Also, one should not answer a plea for destashing to help someone for a sweater....yeah...shame on me again!

This fiber was awesome to spin! My singles were 24wpi, I kid you not!!
All too quickly the spin ended. Look up, um...don't those colors look intense to you, not washed out...yeah, shame on me again ;)

I knew while spinning the singles, it would be navajo plied. I would sacrifice yardage as my singles are not super thin, but to me it could be plied no other way.
wee bit energized
A wee bit o'energized yarn here before it's bath!

Enjoying it's rest on a bamboo plate...
I'm so bummed I destashed the other braid!

Varying intensities of the purples and!!

I'm thinking this will stripe up when knitted too...not sure if a cowl or's so soft and squishy...might be a cowl, I can always knit a contrasting hat...or hey, if I move to the cold, they'll be mittens...or not...for now, I'll just pet it and call it George!
130 yds of worsted weight, 12 wpi
navajo plied

From AllSpunUp


Discoknits said...

Very pretty :0)

Dee said...

George is VERY handsome!

dianne said...

George is one sexy dude! Great colors!

Jo said...