Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ten on Tuesday



This week's edition is favorite smells! Here are mine in no particular order!

1. Cinnamon- candles, food, ahhhhh just a great scent!

2. Fresh cut grass-even the candle I had once wasn't too bad.

3. Balsam fir- trees or even the faux scent in candles...love my balsam fir!

4. Vanilla- especially the vanilla cupcake candle smell! I have been known to sniff the bottle of vanilla just before I add it to my baking ;)

5. Caramels - mmmmmm

6. Chocolate - double mmmmmm

7. A freshly bathed baby - well, what I remember, it's been 16 years, I think it's the baby lotion smell ;)

8. Pumpkin bread baking - reminds me of fall

9. Snow - no I'm not weird, but I can smell it in the air ...well I used to, I'm a bit out of practice ;) here's hoping I get more practice soon!

10. Lilacs - I'm not too much of a flowery scent liking person except for this one. One day I hope to have a few bushes again

There you have it, I know there are more, but these are all I could think of right now. Pretty funny most of them are food related ;)


Kaye said...

Trust me, you don't lose your ability to sniff snow!

Discoknits said...

mmmmmm, to all those smells :0) Making me hungry for vanilla cupcakes, first thing in the morning!!!

dianne said...

Great list! And yes, you can definitely smell snow! And rain, which I love and should have put on my list. Ha!

Anonymous said...

#1 favorite scent --- the hot dog guy outside Home Depot frying onions. YUM!