Sunday, June 26, 2011


Since I started knitting like 6 yrs ago, I often find knitting patterning in everyday items.  I don't buy everything patterned I see, but this certain item fit the necessity of storage that was needed for our bathroom.

Close up
It was a neat find.

New bathroom stand
It hides everything we need inside and looks good.

Oh, and I had to find a little basket to match as well :)


LaBean said...

I often find knit patterning in stuff too. My big thing when I first started knitting seriously was to look at sweaters and try to figure out how they were made. Wondered if I could duplicate it.. I still do look closely at sweaters I see people wearing but I've never been good at just making stuff up so I stick to written patterns.

Nice find you got there!

Anonymous said...

Cute baskets!

There is an eye shadow that is patterned with knitting stitches. I really had to hold myself back from buying it. I had to remind myself FIRMLY that I DON'T WEAR EYESHADOW! LOL

Knitting Kris said...

Why didn't you move closer to PA? Here I am, thinking I'm the only one who sees knitting and fiber in everything. I feel very "out of my element" most times!
Love your new digs, the porch, oh, that porch!
Wishing you all the best this summer!