Monday, September 19, 2011

Ruckled Tannenbaum

Another hat knit in one of my favorite green colorways.

Side view
My hat model is back! ;)

This colorway does look a bit different in each light, but it's green with smudges of brown in it.  Definately reminds me of a tree.
Green against the red
Gotta love that red hair!

Top decreases
Interesting swirling decreases...heck interesting hat :)

The tuck stitch is pretty cool to knit.  Much easier than 16 stitch cables I tell you! this isn't for me, but I'll be knitting my own soon.
Ruckled Tannebaum
Ruckle Hat by Jennifer Dassau
Published in  Fall 2011 Knitcircus Magazine
US 8 16" circ and dpns
Madelinetosh 80/10/10 (MCN) Worsted in Tannebaum (limited colorway thanks to some destashes I got enough for a cowl for me to match my Crooked Tannenbaum)

No mods really.  I did mess up the crown decreases a bit and ended up with an extra stitch. Guess I can't knit in public and do 2 things at the same time to my knitting LOL!  I fixed it and you can hardly see.

Check out Knitcircus Magazine.  All the patterns in each issue for one low price. 

You want me to what??
Love this picture of her!  (she'll kill me if she sees this too ;)


sandra said...

Love the stitches! Never tried it though!

dianne said...

That's a really cute hat! I've never tried tucking stitches before, but now I'm curious about them! Nicely done.

Kaye said...

ooo! I really like that hat in green!

SilverFox said...

Love the hat-cute model too! I was looking at that pattern a few days ago, I will do it now that's for sure.Knitcircus is a great magazine

Discoknits said...

I've knit a hat with those tucky things this year. It was kind of cool. Your hat looks great.

Anonymous said...

Cute hat. Love that last picture. Toooo adorable.

turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh cool hat! I'll have to go through the issue and pull that pattern out. Love it!

Rosi G. said...

Now that is a very cool hat! Very awesome.

I haven't visited your site in AGES -- don't feel offended, I've visited no one's blogs!!! :-( No time, no life. :-(

But I must say that your photography has improved by leaps and bounds. VERY nice pictures there, chica! :-)

elspeth said...

I love that hat, and the yarn (and of course the model!)