Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ten on Tuesday


10 Fall/Winter Knits

Awesome topic!  The top few are in order, the rest, so hoping to get to, but..um..as you'll see...

1.  Finish Creature Comfort Cardi 1 repeat done, 4 to go!
2.  Finish Dark and Stormy, finally separated the sleeves! Both these were put away due to the move as well as the heat of summer.

3.  Mulled Cider - Will be my first purple sweater! Yay for Dizzy Sheep for great deals on sweater amounts that won't kill the bank.

4.  Ruckle - The coolest hat! About to start my first one in the next day or so. Since it's a gift, I'll be knitting my own soon too!

5.  Litchfield - Love this hat/mitt set! It'll be in this colorway!

6.  Eadon - A perfect use for some Cascade 220 in Bainbridge Heather I have in the stash!

7.  Vodka Gimlet - In yummy Plucky Knitter Merino Lite Penny Loafer.

8.  Cassis - I think this will move up in the queue, I've wanted it for a long time!  Will be in this yummy colorway!

9.  Karren - will be the same colorway as the pattern...red...yum!

10.  Irish Coffee - Not sure if I'll get to this LOL! Not sure on yarn to use yet...will think about that when I get to it.

So, that's it...Do you think I love Babycocktails's patterns or what??  The best scary part is that I have the yarns in the stash to knit these, I've been collecting them for a long time...I'm sure you'll see a shawl or two pop in and of course socks...who knows!


dianne said...

Awesome list!! Gimlet will be fantastic in Penny Loafer. If Barn Door had been an option on the kits I would have buckled and ordered. I'm also glad to see that your list is as realistic as mine :-) Happy knitting!

Anne said...

Have to look up most of the patterns - hope you will do a companion post with all the pictures of the beautiful things you knit!
Do you actually get real winter weather now?

katmcdknits said...

Dark and stormy is on my to do list. I have loved working on Cassis. Great list, we have similar taste!

elspeth said...

I was going to say until I got to the end that I sense a Baby Cocktails theme! Good luck!