Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's up Wednesday!

I just wanted to say Hi!

Pardon the eye crud ;)
Remember me?  I'm Sapphire aka catdog!  Pardon my eye crud ;)

So um yeah hi!  We have had solved the internet issues for the time being.  New ISP coming next week.  My new house is just too high tech now for the current one to handle it.

Thanks to all who were able to buy my destash.  Still some there and more to be added I'm sure ;)

So, back to Catdog...yeah, we think Belle's spirit is with her as she all of a sudden likes rib bones and meat other than turkey? hmmm...remember that show Catdog on Nickelodeon?

Anyhow, just wanted to pop in and say hi!  Knitting is going on, but it's sekrit right now so I can't show you.  The new job is going good, hehe...yesterday they made a joke about using a box cutter to open boxes to unpack (heh I'm good at that lately ;)  They didn't want me to cut myself.  I chuckled for two reasons:
1. do they know I am a klutz?  (note I walked my nose into the wall on Saturday, yeah, fat nose here!)
2. In my former working life I handled scalpels,  needles, and other sharp stuff everyday.

Either way, it's a nice change so far, I'll let you know after the holiday season ;)

PS, not sure if I told you, working at a local craft store and no I have not spent my little paycheck there LOL!  Only bought a candy bar so far.


Discoknits said...

Great news you have a new job AT A CRAFT STORE!!! So tempting, eh ;0) Congrats. More kitty pics please, you know the knitters like the kittehs xo

dianne said...

I remember Catdog, I loved that show. And The Angry Beavers too! It must be because our kids are basically the same age.

Lynn said...

I remember Catdog!!! The kids used to watch it when they were younger!