Sunday, November 27, 2011

Visiting with the Alpacas

I'm pretty lucky here with my new knitting friends.  They all like to organize meetups in different places other than the coffee shop.  The last time they were knitting with the Alpaca's, I had just moved here less than a week, so I couldn't go.  This time I was free :)

We went to Peaceful Prairie Alpaca Ranch, which is less then 10 minutes from my house.  The ranch owner is such a really nice person and I not only met my first alpacas, I learned a few tips on cleaning fleece.  She is awaiting some roving and yarns to come back from the mill and I'm hoping to get some.

Enjoy the photos!  They are such animated animals! I need to learn to walk slower when approaching the fence, some stayed and looked, but a few rain away skeered.
Looking out past the Ranch
This is the view the owners see everyday.  Lovely!

Walking over to greet us
These two saw us approach the fence and walked over to greet us.

Hanging out
All hanging out, wonder if they are talking to each other ;)

Lunch time!

Then nap time! You can barely see the bump above the sleeping one.  Each corral has one, the animals sleep around it, stand on it if need be.  From what I am told, it's their linus area.
Rest time

Dude, don't bother me, can't you see I'm eating ;)
Chow time

Hello there!
Hey, whadda  you lookin at?

I fell in love with this one's fleece's marbling. (not sure what you call it)
Love his coat!

Close up here looks like a giraffe pattern.
Close up of his coat

She also has a few sheep.
What cuties!

and some chickens.

And a wee black baby :)
Wee baby!

Love this face...

But my favorite is this one ;)
Very inquisitive!

After visiting, we sat in the sun and knit for a bit.  Despite it being almost December, I did get a sunburn on my face/neck area. Can't wait for the next visit, such a peaceful place.  So peaceful I went home and took a nap afterwards ;)


sandra said...

LUcky you! Like knitter/spinner heaven!
I have some alpaca yarn in my stash and I love that yarn sooo much - I don't wanna use it - even on me!

kingshearte said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing. Do you know why the sheep are wearing shirts, though?

Acornbud said...

What fun! What a glorious place to visit and knit.

Carol said...

oh what a lovely place to visit! And the view. that is terrific. and only 10 min from your house is a nice bonus