Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh...Black Water...keep on rolling....

Or not ;)

The longest 60" of knitting in my life!  You all know I dislike immensely knitting scarves back & forth, but hubby wanted a new scarf.  Since he is pretty supportive of my fibery pursuits, I figured I'd tolerate it as much as possible...

The longest 60" of my life.....
I do admit I did want to poke my eyes out a few times ;) 

You can see the edges of the rolling!  Due to the slipping of the last stitch, when you turn it around to start the K2, it ends up wrapping the slipped stitch.  Very nice edge.
Blackwater Brioche

I didn't want to take it off, it's so seriously snuggly and soft!

Rows of squooshy rib!
BTW, it may look like rib, but not a purl stitch was knit until the bind off...wild huh!

A pile of softness for sure :)
Pile o'Brioche

I used my new set of Cubics Interchangeable tips.  I really enjoyed using them, easy on the hands. I admit I was a bit leary as another pair of square needles didn't work well for me.  I only bought 2 tips to go with the set of miscellaneous KP cords.  They work well with them.
Blackwater Brioche

Hubby's scarf
Berlin Scarf by The Purl Bee
Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted in Black Water, 2 skeins
Size 8 needle
Only mods was the bind off.

An easy mindless knit...not easy to fix a dropped stitch without tinking though ;) ask me how I know.  The bind off makes no sense at all.  I tried it and it was too tight so I ended up using JSSBO and it turned out great.  Hubby used it today and loved it.  Now back to regularly scheduled knitting and spinning ;)


Discoknits said...

Ribbing? Shoot me now! Well done you for knitting so much of it - the scarf looks cozy comfy :0)

dianne said...

Yay! It's done :-) I have to give you big credit for 400 yds of ribbing! But it looks like it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

That DOES look snuggly warm.

I had trouble getting gauge with the Kollage square needles. On a scarf it would really matter, but on socks. Well, let's just say I had some odd fitting socks a couple of times. Good thing I have an odd sister that could wear them.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Wow! That's a lot of ribbing!

Super nice though! Love the color.

I have never heard of those needles. They look nice to use.

I love it when a knitted garment has the edges done so that it doesn't roll.

Melissa said...

So nice to do something for the person who supports your fiber habit, even if the knitting is not your favorite. I'm working on 40" of garter stitch to finish a vest. I work on it only part of the time. It's too boring otherwise.

Nice snuggly looking scarf.

Acornbud said...

Well worth the effort and the stick-to-it-tivity.

sandra said...

I would swear it was ribbing!
I know about poking one's eye with forth and back patterns!
Luckily my hubby asked for scarf that asked for more attention!

Karen said...

Ooooohhh, so pretty!! I may just have to think about knitting one myself.