Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten on Tuesday


10 Favorite Chocolate Treats: (in no particular order ;)

I would hate to be allergic to or not like chocolate....I do like both milk and dark chocolate too.  White is ok, just not as much as the others.

1. Godiva Salted Milk or Caramel Bar. chocolate + salt....yummy!!  Out of the 1 box at work..um..er..I think I bought a few ;)

2. Chocolate mousse

3. Milk chocolate shakes made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Back home in Maine we called these Boston Cream shakes....not sure if there was something else inside...

4. Whoopie pies-yay for a good recipe now!

5. Dark chocolate....anything...better if salted ;)

6. chocolate covered pretzels....sweet/salty all at once...yum!

7. chocolate covered almonds...yummm again ;)

8. Hot chocolate - any additives are welcome too!

9. Chocolate seafoam candy

10. Chocolate covered strawberries...ummmmm!

What are some of your favorite chocolate things.....


dianne said...

Mmmmm, Whoopie Pies! Fun list.

Anne said...

I'm more of a milk chocolate girl... I love chocolate and caramel, chocolate with cayenne (or other hot) pepper, Belgian truffles, real chocolate mousse and milk shakes.
What I don't do is chocolate and salty stuff (more for you that way...), chocolate covered fruit, and really dark chocolate.

Lynn said...

My dd goes to school with a girl who cant each chocolate and my dd felt so bad for her!~!! A life w/o chocolate?!?!!? She is SOOO my daughter!! LOL

and the older I get, the darker teh chocolate I like.

freshisle said...

Great list. Anything milk chocolate for me!