Monday, July 23, 2012

Tour de Fleece 2012

Wasn't too bad of one!  I didn't spin many skeins as I had wanted to, but I spun almost every day and have something to show for it.  It didn't help that I injured my right wrist/elbow by tripping over a non-existent curb LOL!  No broken bones thank goodness, but just extra resting time I didn't want :(

Anyhow, here is the loot!
TdF 2012

I  had previously spun 2 bobbins before the tour.  As you can see I finished bobbin 3, plied 2 skeins worth of 3-ply, spun a mini skein of 2 ply, and still had some on a bobbin so I practiced my n-ply.  The fiber was 6 oz. total, so I had divided evenly...just didn't spin evenly.

Fatcatknits Merino/Bamboo Blend 6oz.
Moxie Colorway
218 yds of 3-ply sport
28 yds of 2-ply sport
4 yds of n-ply DK

Here's the before picture of the FCK, awesomely soft fiber to spin and I have 2 more braids of another colorway :)

In between bobbins of another spin, I wanted something fast and mindless.
Public mkt1
Two if By Hand  SW BFL in Public Market
4 oz.
300 yds of fingering singles

As you can see it was a gradient and I spun it right from the braid just like it is.  Will be interesting to see what turns out from it ;)

My favorite color spin was this Falkland.  I get pretty good yardage with it...
gaga air 1
Nest Fiber Studio Falkland in Gaga Air
4 oz.
190 yds of n-ply (faux 3 ply) of dk/light worsted.  Stay tuned, you'll be seeing this on the needles before the weekend. Not the yardage I was hoping for, but if you times it by 3 for a 3-plied yarn, I didn't do too bad.

Gaga Air
Here's a shot of those gorgeous colors here!

Cupcake Fiber Company  BFL/Nylon
Orange Choc 1
I finally got over my fear of the batt.  These batts are awesome!  You open up a cupcake, tear it up and spin away.  Wonderfully prepped and easy to spin. Go get yourself some!!

Unfortunately, due to my being sidelined on/off I didn't get to finish these for the tour.
As you can see, they are much darker IRL ;)  Make me drool for chocolate when I spun though!  This was my first of *cough* many cupcake purchases.  At the time I didn't know BFL would be my worst fiber to spin yardage wise. It's my nemesis, I'll get better at it.  Hoping to at least make a pair of ankle socks with the handspun.  We'll see :D


dianne said...

Pretty! Those cupcakes look like cinnamon buns to me though :-) I think I have baked goods on the mind.

So.... the one that will be on the needles by the end of the week? Is it going to be something for Ravellenic Games?

Lynn said...

Ok you did a great job!!!! I'm loving all those yarns, and the cinnamon buns looks scrumptious!!!

Dee said...

That's a LOT of spinning. The yarns are so beautiful.

Hope your arm is feeling better soon.