Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I miss hat knitting!

I usually always have a hat in mind or in progress (shhh...the wip pile is calling me..um..er)..well I frogged one hat and it will now become 2 hats, one of which will go to the Hats for Sailors project. The handspun will become yet another hat. Also had a baby hat started with some other leftovers I think I'll frog as well. I mean, come on a hat on the needles for almost a year...yeah, frogging should be done!

Enter a new pretty quick knit I was hoping to finish for the closing ceremonies for the games. Yeah, it didn't happen, but that's ok.

I love pumpkiny colors!

Sometimes hard to photograph the back of one's head!
Mint 3
psss...don't look too closely at the leaves, something is eating them??

Oh and of course I put the hat on backwards....or is it sidewards.
Mint 2
I like my buttons to be on the left...why I have no idea, I just do!

Mint Button
Speaking of buttons, I love the leather type buttons but not the price or non-wash-ability of them. I found these cool ones at the local fabric store that starts with a J ;) Washable and dry cleanable, perfect :)

Was knit in the leftovers from this cowl, not the same pattern, but very similar :) Fall, where are you??
Mint 5
Mint by Thea Coleman
The Plucky Knitter MCN Aran in Pumpkin Flame
US 7 needles
Started August 9, 2012 - Finished August 19, 2012
Knit the 90 stitch size

No mods, a pretty easy knit.  I did get a bit tired by the end of the ktbl stitches as this yarn is a bit hefty, but oh so soft and glorious to knit with! I think I have a green skein from a mystery kit that will become Basil, the other companion to this pattern.

I will warn you if you knit this via magic loop.  Don't forget your YO's at the end of the row.  You may be better off moving your end of row somewhere and use a marker.  Luckily I found my missing 2 YO's and no I didn't frog, I figure no one but me will notice.  See, I am not always a total perfectionist...well..I try ;)

Now off to find that green MCN aran....sure hopes she sells it again this fall!


Dee said...

Cute hat! Maybe if you keep knitting in pumpkin color fall will hurry up and arrive.

dianne said...

Cute hat and it looks great on you! I know what you mean with the button, I tend to go for the left side too.