Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ten on Tuesday...the afternoon edition


This week's topic: 10 favorite Alfred Hitchcock films.

Let me tell you, I grew up with these films. I would love to sit and watch them and try to find old Alfred in the film. Did you know he was in a scene in every movie?? I also liked his show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

1. The Birds - OMG, I used to have nightmares about this. I thought it was a horror story...yeah right, not compared to horror stories of today!

2. Vertigo - Jimmy Stewart fan here. The scene in the bell tower made me nauseous. I think I am getting late in life vertigo. When we went to the Grand Canyon last year, I was walking down a trail and got vertigo so bad I thought I was going to fall off the side....no donkey rides down the trails for me!

3. Rear Window - Another Jimmy Stewart one, a good mystery I thought.

4. Pyscho - I mean, really!! Norman Bates! After that movie, I hated taking showers when home alone. Heck, I often bought clear shower curtains too! Phew, now we have glass so I don't have to worry!

5. Lifeboat - Interesting, makes one wonder what you'd do in that situation.

6. North by Northwest - Cary Grant, love all his movies.

7. Marnie - It was a different movie for Tippi Hedren, kept wondering if a bird was gonna fly about!

8. Frenzy - Barely remember it, but hey, it was a Hitchcock movie, so I liked it ;)

9. The Man Who Knew Too Much - Another Jimmy Stewart one. I kept thinking, geesh, go on vacation and look what happens!

10. To Catch a Thief Another Grace Kelly and Cary Grant pairing.

I'm thinking I need to rewatch some of these, Netflix, watch out!


dianne said...

OMG! I watched The Birds with my great-grandmother when I was like, 9! Scared the bejeezus out of me for 20 years! LOL

Acornbud said...

And Sean Connery in Marnie:)