Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Skeleton Crew

What's that you ask?

Well, some of you already know I work in X-ray, and yes, we know the entire skeleton as we take pictures of it's many parts.

Myself and a bunch of co-workers have decided to walk in the Relay for Life . Thus the name of our team ;)

It is my first time and I know it will be an emotional time, but something that I want and need to do.

Emotional why....well I am a 1 year survivor of breast cancer and hubby is a 4 year survivor. I also have an Aunt and Uncle who are survivors.

I'll be walking in remembrance of my Mother and Grandparents, who are dearly missed every day.

I'm walking for friends and patients. I take care of patients in various stages of cancer treatment, so I'm exposed to it's existance, and effects every day.

My post here today is not for you to feel sorry for me, or to depress you. Just to share with you.

I put the links in to My Page and the Skeleton Crew! page so you can see our progress.

Where we'll be on October 9th and 10th. Please feel free to donate if you can. If you cannot, I totally understand. :) Send me good vibes for a nice cool and breezy day to walk and knit!



Batty said...

Great cause, and a great name!

Stacey said...

awesome! Totally donating, I lost my father 8 years ago & miss him every day. While I do donate to several places, I'm glad I get to help my friend as well :)

BammerKT said...

I'll be sending you a donation right away. My dearest sister is currently suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer which we have been told will end her life. If I could do something to keep other families from having to suffer this, I'm in.

Karen said...

My great aunt is a survivor. I donated to your page. :)

Anonymous said...

Just donated. I'll post a link to this on my blog over the weekend too. You know this is a cause close to my heart.

Chris said...

Great cause and excellent logo! You go. :)

Daniele said...

My very good friend, Becky, is undergoing chemo right now. She was so lucky they caught the tumors early as it turned out to be a very aggressive breast cancer. They actually were taking an exray of her liver when they saw the tumors! Thank you for all you do in this effort!

chemgrrl said...

Go Z! Walk the walk! Talk the talk!

Cancer is a big big scary thing. I'm speaking from a scientific perspective here. You already know the emotional one. But it is big and scary scientifically because there are so many types. And so many causes. And it's such a very complicated problem. Honestly, there will likely never be a cure. But there will be better and better detection methods, and better and better treatments. The second part is what I work on. Did you know that? I design and make light activated anti-cancer drugs. It's very slow and very hard work, but I think it will pay off some day very far down the road. At least I hope so. But I have to remember that finding out what DOESN'T work is part of the process, too. :P Speaking of which, I'd better stop reading blogs and get back in the lab. Good vibes to you for a nice walking day!

Karen said...

What an awesome thing. I'm going to donate right now.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

What a great cause and fabulous team name! And so glad you are still doing well!

freshisle said...

The Relay for Life is a very big deal in my little town. I hope you have a great day!

cpurl17 said...

I've done Relay for Life for my Dad's church's team for 3 years now (but they only have you sign up for an hour while the core team is stays over night). It's so emotional to see all the lighted luminarias. I'll be over on your Skeleton page soon!

weezalana said...

Good for you, and great name!

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