Thursday, August 29, 2013

Really....over a month!!

Hello there anyone who still reads my little space in the world! Sorry for dropping off like that but it's been crazy around here! More on that later ;)

In the meantime, there has been knitting! Not as much as I want...but more on that later too ;)

I knit up these 2 hats to go with some socks I had already finished a while ago.  I donated them for a couple of baby shower gifts.
Blue Rib Baby Set
Simplicity Newborn hat (ribbed version) to match the Baby Francis socks in Socks that Rock Mediumweight In the Navy. Used doubled for the hat.

I had these wee Magic 28 socks and knit the stockinette version of the hat linked above.
Baby Lipstick Set
Leftovers from this sweater ;)

Fez 2
Knit a Fez!  Our unofficial Prescott Knitters headgear!

Finished a long time WiP!
close up

And knit a few more Hats for Sailors
Chocolate Vera

Bulky hat
Chocolate Beanie

Are you tired yet?  I sure am!  Main reason why is declutterizing the house and doing some touch up painting, baseboard cleaning...Oh and packing up all the stashes...fabric, yarn, and fiber.

Why???? Well in less than a month, we'll be back on the East coast again...well if you call Kentucky east coast ;) Hubby got a promotion and I'm on the job search again.  Finger crossed the house sells quickly and I can unpack the stashes and be around my lovelies again!! So hard to decide what to bring to knit, spin, and finish for about 2 months....gonna be interesting!!


dianne said...

Nice hats! You always make such great ones to donate to Hats for Sailors :-)

I hope the house sells quickly! You should pack to take projects that you really want to get finished. Might I suggest your Dark & Stormy? You picked such a great color for that and you really should finish it soon!

bmom said...

Wow. Hope your house sells quickly and your move goes smoothly. Seems like you just went through all this.

Lynn said...

Great finishes!!! However I do NOT envy your move. I cant imagine packing up and not getting to my stash for 2 months!! Hope it goes smoothly for you both!!

MsKnottyKnits said...

Woo hoo! Hooray for East Coast living!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's exciting. It's a beautiful state. Can't wait to see where you settle.