Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SIP and a HalFO

Yeah, it's socks here most of the time lately!
Pink Forward
Meet Pink Forward (real name is Spring Forward) but I have my reasons for the name ;)
STR mill end in Rose Quartz I'm guessing. Despite some needle size issues, I used a 3.0mm and was a bit too big, I went down to a 2.25mm for the ribbing and back up to a 2.75mm for the cuff and it's going well now. This pattern is so easy to memorize! A plus for me. Yeah, talking in mm as .5mm makes a big difference for me with this pattern. More on those later.

Here's the HalFO
Cedar Creek Sock
Finally!!!! Cedar Creek Sock 1 in STR Gypsum.
This pattern isn't hard, by the time I got to the foot, I didn't need to follow the pattern line by line. I don't normally show just an FO shot of one sock, but hey, it'll be a while before Sock 2 arrives, so what the heck. I think the eleventy billion gusset stitches I picked up and that uber tough heel about drove me mad...that amongst other things. But I do plan on CO sock 2 ......this week maybe??

I have another sock, but since I ripped back to the cuff to steal the needle to knit Pink Forward (don't worry, I bought that sock a new pair of Addi Lace needles in a bigger size that it needed anyways!) nothing to show yet.

Now this...sniff...sniff
005 Hehe..yeah I don't normally post my laundry here do I? T- 1 month!! These are my son's towels for college...washed and packed up,ready to go...don't think I'm ready though...


turtlegirl76 said...

White? I suppose he'll have figured out how to use bleach by the end of the semester, eh? ;)

Cedar Creek is GORGEOUS! I hope you cast on for #2 right away. You need this pair of socks for the fall!

DPUTiger said...

Yeah, I agree with Cristi. White?

I need that Cedar Creek pattern. All the socks look FABULOUS all knit up! :)

Jess said...

I am so in love with your sock. I think I am going to ask you for its hand in socky marriage I love it so much.
I need to get my hands on that pattern-everywhere I see it knit up its just oooooooh.

Anonymous said...

Your socks are beautiful!

Look on the bright side of your son leaving for school; it'll give you a reason to visit Maine (and maybe even make a stop in York sometime).

Bezzie said...

Hee hee, yes, those towels will come back either gray or pink. But I can't judge--I do laundry the same way! Hahahahaha!

I dig the "mineral" theme you've got going on with your socks.

freshisle said...

Great socks. Love the pink! Enjoy your month, it will go by so quickly.

Sarah Jackson said...

The socks are lovely, but I keep focusing on the towels. 1 month! Same in our house. I have not purchased towels. I guess I'd better get on that. Sniff.

weezalana said...

Hee hee, I to am guessing those white towels will come back home for vaca in another color. Or other clothes will come back with white bleachy splotches. ;)

Love the look of both socks!

sgeddes said...

I love the Cedar Creek sock! it's wonderful. I pair will be spectacular.

I'm with TG though - white towels? By the end of the semester they will be an excellent statement on his newly aquired laundry skills!

kemtee said...

Holy crap… a month? That soon… wow.

Jennifer said...

Halfo, I love it!

(((hugs))) on the son leaving for college.

aquaknits said...

These Spring Forward socks are popping up everywhere, and I'm getting the urge...lovely pink colorway. And great pic of the Cedar sock, truly a beauty!

Yes, summer is going by so fast. But I would definitely focus on all the great trips you can make to visit your son!

peaknits said...

Love that Pink Forward - great choice of colorway!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

The Cedar Creek sock looks absolutely gorgeous!! Hang in there on the second sock!! And pretty pretty pink for the spring forwards!

One month....I give it two before those towels are not the same color anymore!!