Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finished objects...

Yes, today is a day of finished objects or things, or let me think, um...things that are finished or almost finished. ;) Cryptic enough for ya!

Front view
A couple of FO's with DD as my lovely model. (bribery gets you everywhere with her ;)

Better Bucket Hat 2
Better Bucket Hat (this is the free patterns page, I didn't want to link a pdf file.)
Mods from on Ravelry which consist of casting on only 4 more stitches and brim
increases in decreases spaced over 3 rows instead of 2.
Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted in Black Watch (I love this superwash yarn! Nice to knit with!)
US 7 & 8 circular

Top of the day to you!
I like the colors and how they didn't pool too bad. This hat and scarf is a gift for my Aunt, who needs hats as she's been through chemo and now undergoing radiation therapy. I'm starting another hat for her this evening.

Only 4 stitches different
Well, as you can see, it basically is the same size as my first one.
Tiny bit
The difference is supposed to give a tiny bit more flare, which may be more pronounced after I wash/block. If so, I'll get back to you on that.

Quick ole' Biggy scarf
Big ole' Scarf
Yeah, so all my bajillion photos in and out of the house stink big time, so well use your imagination...big yarn, big needles and there you have it soft and squishy scarf. Yes, folks I have knit a scarf back and forth...wanna know I said, big needles!

Lion Brand Thick n' Quick (soft for my Aunt and washable too!) in Navy to match bucket hat (yeah, I'm all about being matchy, matchy)
US 17 straight needles, yeah don't faint, I have a few, very few...
Any Super Bulky Yarn
US 17 needles
C/O 12 sts
1 x 1 rib, slipping the first stitch and the next stitch was a purl stitch
Knit desired length or until yarn runs out.
Mine was 58" long pre blocking, and um not getting blocked anyways!
Squooshy and soft even if it is acrylic!

Oh and the almost finished thing I was talking about
DD yesterday early morning....

Braces free
DD now sans tinsel and now with plastic. (retainers for 4 months) Gorgeous choppers there huh! Oh yeah, and she's cute too ;)


Chris Tolomei aka alicethelma said...

Adorable - the hats *and* the girl.

cpurl17 said...

The hats are adorable and your girl is a beauty! Congratulations to her on the braces removal!!

Trillian42 said...

Congrats to the kiddo - I remember that day so well. BEST feeling!

The hat and scarf are awesome!

DPUTiger said...

The hat and scarf look great. I think LL's worsted is the only yarn that's "as advertised" to me. Their sport is more like sock and their sock is more like thread. (yeah, I know I'm in the minority on that one!)

One retainer hint: If it's clear plastic, toss that sucker in a glass of plain white vinegar for 30 minutes once a week. Helps keep it clean and looking good. Works wonders for my night guard! HAPPY TURKEY!!! :)

Carol said...

great work on the hat! Love it. May have to make it. Eventually:)

Yay for gleaming choppers! Celebrate with an apple? Or peanut brittle. Ooooh, no, toffeee. Yeah, that sounds suitably braces gone celebratory.

tiennie said...

Great hats! Awesome smile! Happy thanksgiving!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

DD looks fabulous!!! So pretty!! The hat and scarf look great on her! Great job!

happy thanksgiving!!!

Virtuous said...

I just enjoyed knitting up the bucket hats, and did the better bucket too however it does not flare out more just fits better on my bigger head! LOL

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family Z!

Bezzie said...

Those hats are so cute!! And no more braces! I remember how weird my teeth felt for like a week after that!!

Happy Turkey day!

Sonya said...

Gorgeous hats and scarves! No one will be cold at your house.

Sandra said...

on last pic DD looks like model from some magazine!

weezalana said...

Cute hat and scarf - and model! :)

Karen said...

I was hoping we'd get a FO shot of the teeth. :) Gorgeous!!

turtlegirl76 said...

Love the hats and the big squooshy scarf! Nice!

And woo hoo! I totally remember the day I got my braces off. It was spectacular!

Anonymous said...

The FO's are beautiful, but none so much as the last one. Your daughter is beautiful and her teeth look great! She must be thrilled.

sgeddes said...

Hurray for the braces coming off! I remember that day well.

I love the hats. I think I might have to knit one of those up.

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Hurray for no more braces!!!!!
Nice FOs!!!

aquaknits said...

I'm just about to start my first Bucket. Yours are terrific, and congrats to your dd, look at those perfect teeth!