Friday, November 21, 2008

YPF-The Recycled Lobster Version

Yes folks, this weeks YPF used to be...
Zeebee to your left, plain ole' garter stitch scarf with leftovers from hat to your right. Above, the now twice frogged garter stitch mitts this knit from Weekend Knitting. You see the first knit was Ysolda's but it didn't work, so onto the WK ones. The trick was doubling the dk weight for me. But I really like the thumb area on Ysolda's so I'm going to frog and go back to that pattern with the doubled yarn.

This is what I love about knitting vs. sewing. Most of the time you can frog and repurpose the yarn for a better fit than the first time, or something totally different. In this case, its the fit. In can take a seam in, but once it's done and to add fabric to make it bigger.

Rowan Scottish tweeds
Me loves Rowan Scottish Tweeds big time!

Rowan Chunky Scottish Tweed's so expensive though, no sweater for me anytime soon..lucky me I have good swap for now accessories it is.
The chunky Lobster loves Lobster in yarn and in shell form ;)
Rowan Chunky Scottish Tweed
So, stay tuned for a better fitting Zeebee (yes SAFF roomies it will fit better ;), a cowl, and mitts...all garter stitch ahhhh


Bezzie said...

Normally the term "recycled lobster" wouldn't be too appealing to me--but you've managaged to prove otherwise! Ha ha!

Jewel said...

I agree with Bezzie, good luck!

Karen said...

Mmmm, lobster!!! He's one strong lobster too, to stand up to the frogging and re-knitting. I agree about the knitting vs. sewing thing. I guess for me, sewing projects go quicker, but knitting projects allow for do-overs. :)

tiennie said...

That red tweed is so pretty!