Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stack o' Washcloths

A few weeks ago I met up with Shannon and we visited with Cristi (yeah, bad bloggers, no pictures...oh well ;) Anyhow, she helped us with our crochet skills. She's a very patient teacher! I basically needed a refresher on some stitches, other than some edging on knit items, I've not done any crochet since high school.

Presenting my first crochet FO!
Baby Washcloths
Wonder Dreams and Sweet Green. I coordinated these to go with the towel set I got him too.

Baby Washcloths 2
Berry Blue and Wonder White. Not too bad a job on the crab stitch border either. I'm happy with them. :)

A Stack 'o Washcloths ready to go!
Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths
Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths (Ravelry link) or from Crochetville
Size I (5.5) hook
Bernat Cottontots in
Wonder White, Blue Berry, Sweet Green, and Wonder Dreams.

You'll see many more here in the future as I have 4 ladies currently pregnant and a stash of this yarn all ready to go. It's so soft and not a bad price since I'll at least get 2-3 cloths per skein. I've seen these knit in almost any cotton you can think of, you know they don't have to be for babies! My gauge is getting better each time, but hey, they are washcloths...don't really need to be perfect you know.

My new acquisiton....
ChiaoGoo Bamboo Crochet Hooks
ChiaoGoo Bamboo Crochet hooks are the bomb!! I've only owned a few metal ones, but these are so light and don't tire you out! I got 3 at Charlotte Yarn on our trip but the rest came from here.

Stay tuned, you'll be seeing a few crochet projects here and there.


weezalana said...

Nice job on the washcloths! And those bamboo hooks are FAB!

Carol said...

Very nice washcloths...not sure if I remember how to crochet

Kaye said...

So fast isn't it? Beautiful washcloths!

And good job keeping the Michigan economy going with your hook purchase!!

Lindsay said...

Washcloths are exactly what I keep meaning and meaning to make. I bought a bunch of cotton to make some of those ballband cloths, but I think crocheting them might be more rewarding.

Sarah Jackson said...

Adorable!! I love them. I've been on a dishcloth kick lately too, but I really love yours.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love all the washcloths!! Fabulous teacher that Cristi!!

Amanda said...

Congrats! They're all super cute! You know, I learned to crochet at the same time as Cristi and, well, she's more than off and running, and I haven't touched it since. I may be asking her for a refresher myself when I'm down there next month, LOL!

Sandra said...

I also thought crochet would never took plae over knitting, but after few tries, few books - I know I was wrong!
Happy crocheting!

Carol said...

I love the texture on those washcloths. I keep thinking I need to do a refresher on crochet myself. It gives such neat textures and shapes.

tiennie said...

Great crochet projects! I still need to learn. :)

cpurl17 said...

Awesome!! Those are super cute!

I took a crochet class once but it didn't stick.

Sherrill said...

Z---my most favorite washcloth pattern!

sgeddes said...

Look at you go! I haven't even picked up the crochet hook since we left Cristi's! I wish I had made this kind of progress.

turtlegirl76 said...

Shannon! tsk tsk. I'm disappointed. Pick that hook up!

Zonda the washcloths are great! I love all the different colors and don't you just love crab stitch?