Sunday, March 28, 2010

I never learned this in Physics class??

String Theory which is the name of this colorway. My Physics consisted of Radiation things and I got lost after reading like the first sentence explaining what ST was. I have no idea if the colors here have anything to do with ST or not, but I loved them. Guess I was liking orange way back when ;)

Anyhow, if you knew the who dyed the yarn, then the name String Theory would make sense. Adam, the man behind Yarn Nerd Yarns. Unfortunately, he no longer dyes yarns for sale as he's pretty busy in his new career.

I tried knitting this colorway before cuff down. It pooled like crazy, and I didn't like it. Knitting with this yarn though, it was wonderful. The base yarn is so very soft!
I never learned this in Physics class socks
Sometimes for me, just reversing the knitting, a toe up sock changes the colors the way I like it.

Methinks my cuff knitting was a bit tense on sock 1...hmmm, it's the same number of rows...
Heel Pic
The pattern is just my normal toe, foot knit to my normal length, and Wendyknit's Sportweight Toe up Gusset Heel. (oh I did use her stitch count too, but that's basically it) (linked to her free pattern page as I didn't want to link to a pdf)

I'll be teaching a toe up class in the future at a Guild meeting and I wanted to give them more options on heels. I've knit this heel before in fingering weight yarn, it's pretty easy to do. This time, it did pool a bit, but that's a normal spot for many colorways. I can live with that.
Toe Pic!
Gotta have a toe pic!

Love this bind off!
My favorite bind-off in rib. I've used this in hats as well, it's awesome.

String Theory Socks
Here it is again... Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off aka JSSBO

String Theory Socks
I never learned this in Physics Class Socks
Yarn Nerd 1700 MHz Merino, 220 yds (considered DK weight)
String Theory Colorway
3.0 mm circular, magic looped as usual :)
My own generic sock pattern with heel from Wendyknits

Now this is what I love about knitting toe up.
All that was left...
Sometimes, all you have is a wee ball left. Not bad seeing how I didn't divide the skein like I usually do...


Jill L said...

These are great -- I knit all my sock toe-up and love it! Yours a re beautiful!

elspeth said...

Those are some gorgeous socks!

Bezzie said...

Your bind off is so pretty! I tried that BO once and it was u.g.l.y! Of course I was using handspun, that was probably why. Too thick and thin.

Amanda said...

Those are gorgeous, and I love the colorway!! I agree with Bezzie about your bind off...great job!
I have a skein of Yarn Nerd in Circuit Board (I think) - I loved his color names, they totally won my geeky heart.

Sandra said...

I started knitting my socks toe-up but didn't like non stretchy bind off ... so I logically turned to cuff-down ones!

weezalana said...

Those are faboo! Love the colors!

Odd how knitting toe-up can make the colorway pool differently, even though you use the same number of overall stitches. Hard to wrap the mind around that one! Kinda like me and physics...

Heather said... I'm feeling all philisophical but I think its great that you can approach it from a different angle and get the results you want. The socks look great, and I have to say the little nuances in the colorway is fantastic. Everytime I look at the pictures I see a different color.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those are perfect!! Love the bright and cheerful!!

DPUTiger said...

GREAT socks, and I miss Adam and his colorways (and bases!!!) I'm a huge toe-up person and a garter toe is my favorite by miles. It's my go-to unless it'll fight with the pattern. Of course, I'm also a New Pathways girl, so I guess it's a good thing that we have so many paths we can take to the same destination!

turtlegirl76 said...

So pretty! I miss Adam. *sigh* I'm almost afraid to knit up my Yarn Nerd stash because I know I can't get anymore. So sad.