Friday, July 30, 2010

Eric the Polwarth

My last entry for the TdF did not get finished in time, as the visit to Atlanta happened. Hubby was happy, as was the girl and me, I love my new jeans! ;)

Anyhow, here it is in it's single glory!
Eric the Polwarth....
Waiting patiently to be played with, ooops, I mean plied

The colorway named after Eric Northman from Trueblood.
Eric the Polwarth

I just happened to see this at Southern Cross Fibre's etsy site for pre-order. I got one for me and one for my spinning guru Megan. We both have a wee crush on him, so I thought this was perfect for us.

I spun it on my jumbo bobbin as I knew from the beginning it would be Navajo plied.
I am slowly getting better with my singles. You can see some awesome areas and some chunky ones.

It's so very soft and squishy, my first Polwarth spinning. The drafting is slowly getting better too.
Lookee here, almost looks like store-bought...almost ;)

It's bulky weight for sure. I'm trying to embrace that so far I spin dk-bulky weight. I hear all the time that once you start spinning sock/lace weight, it'll kill you trying to spin thicker.

Alright by me, one day the sock weight will come...the lace weight, hmmm I don't think so.

4 oz. Polwarth in Limited Edition Eric Colorway
Southern Cross Fibre new online store here
approx. 136 yds pre-soak and 10-11 wpi
post-soak and thwacking is 9 wpi
Soft and squishy bulky!! Will be a hat most likely...we'll see

Bumps of Trueblood Eric
How it all started out :)


April said...

Lovely. It looks so sqooshy and pet-able.

Bezzie said...

Love it! I still can't navajo ply myself. ends up an overspund mess!

Bezzie said...

That's "overspun"!

Poops said...

Navajo plying eludes me too. And it does look store bought! I know what you mean about mastering thin yarn. For the life of me, I'm hard-pressed to even spin thick enough to get worsted!

dianne said...

Swoon!! That's absolutely fantastic and will make a great hat!

Carol said...

so pretty and pettable. Kinda like Eric! (except withut the bitey parts:)

LaBean said...

It looks great!!You'll get better and better before you know it, and YES trying to spin thick again drove me bonkers. But I finally managed.

Acornbud said...

Very pretty!

Opal said...

you did an amazing job with that! i have some polwarth on its way to me. i'm really excited because i don't recall ever spinning that fiber.