Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday


10 things to do instead of watching TV

1. KNIT...hah, that was a hard one ;) Especially lace or a difficult charted project, something I need total concentration on.

2. Spin - I don't mind background noise, but really, I'm focused on drafting and trying to make an even yarn.

3. Read - Just finished Needles and Pearls, the 2nd book. The first one was really good! Now I have to start this one. I figured I had a long wait from the library. Not so, only a fast read. I have until next Monday to finish. Guess there are tons more people waiting in the queue.

4. Sleep - not many people I know get enough sleep ;0 one can always use more!

5. Clean/organize - yeah, something we all gotta do, but don't want to. Of course, I may be forced with doing a major one of these in a short amount of time in the near future....hmmm

6. Take a walk/run - Not around here until the sun goes down! Maybe this fall ;)

7. Bake/cook - baking, not right now! Cooking is a must, we gotta eat.

8. Other crafts - For me it would be to sew and dabble in some earrings.

9. Hang out with spouse - try to get interested in their hobbies. I did recently go shooting with hubby. I learned a lot. Especially how weak my wrists are, hmmm one would think that all the knitting I do would help. Maybe I need to spin more ;)

10. Bike riding/workout - again, in the fall!

I'm enjoying the Ten on Tuesday's, hope you are reading them. I missed one week, as I could only think of maybe 3 reasons to like where I live. Keep hoping one day soon I'll have some news....patience....


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great list!!

I need to nap more. Not enough time. LOL

Opal said...

as for number four? truer words were never said... :-/

as for number five? oh that is so wrong. ;-)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

My list would be similar! Looks like you had a great quick trip to Atlanta too!

Anonymous said...

Great list (except #5)! :^)

Experimental Knitter said...

I knit while the TV is on!