Monday, July 05, 2010

Spin meeeeee

Well the Tour has started! My fiber stash was calling to me...

tour defleece

Here is my goal (sorta) of fiber to spin. All are different fiber bases too. My goal isn't necessarily to spin this mound o'fiber, but to basically try different blends to see if I have a favorite.
Tour de Fleece Goals
I'll explain them more when they are spun...well except for the lower right one. That is almost 1/2 braid of superwash bfl wool I started in the fall. Not sure I'll finish that, I'm taking a wee bfl break right now ;)

Day 1
Tour de Fleece Day 1
Superwash bfl/silk. Bobbin on left was done about a month ago, the bobbin on the right I finished on day 1.

Day 2
Bobbin 1
Alpaca/silk blend. Not too bad to spin. Alpaca's have very long hairs...I didn't know that ;)
There is about 2 oz or so on this bobbin. (1/2 the braid)

Here is the start of the 2nd half of the braid.
Bobbin 2
just got tired and needed a break.

Hope to finish this bobbin and ply today...guess I'll have to as I have no free bobbins now.


freshisle said...

You have some beautiful fibre! It's great fun to try different ones.
Love the Alpaca/silk blend colours.

dianne said...

That's a lot of fiber! I don't spin so I find it fascinating to see it go from the braid to yarn. I can't wait to see some of it finished!

Bezzie said...

Woah! Look at all that fiber--how long have you had that wheel?! ;0)

Opal said...

you could always buy more bobbins. ;-)

also, lovely stash of braids and you don't even want to -know- how many bobbins i have. :D