Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ten on Tuesday


This week's topic is: 10 ways to enjoy Summer!

Mine will be some of my favorite memories as well as what I'd love to do. Living where I do, enjoying summer is very hard to do in the heat/humidity. Ahhh one day...hopefully soon ;)

1. Water balloon fights - hmm maybe I need to have one soon, since it's on my mind lately!

2. Hanging around in a hammock - reading, sleeping, just chilling out! I had one as a kid and miss it.

3. Canoeing or just lying on a float in the lake - although last year at this time I had just discovered kayaking. Oh to live near real lakes that one can enjoy....

4. Eating watermelon outside and spitting out the seeds as far as you can

5. Bicycle riding - in a non-humid place

6. Walking in the rain - well, actually I enjoy this here as it's usually not too cold. We are talking a light misty rain, not a torential downpour (which I usually am wearing a white t-shirt when that seems to happen though)

7. Climbing trees - um..yeah, definately in my youth, when I had no fear of heights! I had a special tree it was in the shape of the number 4. An apple tree I called my 4-tree. I would sit there and read for hours.

8. Swimming - in a lake vs. the ocean. I love being at the ocean, just don't like the saltiness of the water.

9. Daylight lasts longer

10. Smell of fresh mown grass...ahhh

Hope you are enjoying my Ten on Tuesday posts, wonder what next week will bring ;)


kingshearte said...

I recommend a Mayan hammock. They are super comfy. My parents have one, and I'm insanely jealous. I will definitely get me one just as soon as I have a yard to put it in.

Experimental Knitter said...

Driving out on a summer's night for home-made ice cream-- that I miss so much.

Sandra said...

there is only one thing I love/tolerate in summer - watermelons!!!!!!!

weezalana said...

You should add an 11th - making jam! I love that you do that, because I would never have the patience!

DPUTiger said...

I have a fantastic hammock chair at the Lake. Love it, and it's easy and comfortable to get in/out. And it's napworthy, which is also important. Love your list!

Word verification is "fazerd" which I find amusing. Why? I do not know. ;-)