Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wip's of the Week

Well here we have my Gnomey Socks
Gnomey Socks
Afterthought heel row holder is in place (shhh just scrap yarn knit for 1 row) and about 1" of the leg is done so far. Yarn is Garden Gnome by sKNITches. Good relaxing knitting.

Started another shawl...
Wandering the Moor Shawl
Wandering the Moor in Pluckyknitter MCN worsted....this is a gorgeous color (Bugle Boy) and is pretty true to the picture.

Liesl is getting some action, 10.5 needles...would love to be at the sleeves soon.
Liesl progress

TdF progress 2 out of 6 bobbins plied.
Pluckyknitter SW Merino
Just waiting for a bath and photo shoot. Later today...maybe ;)


kingshearte said...

That yarn you're spinning is a really beautiful colour. So pretty.

Karen said...

Oh my gosh!!! I love those Gnomey socks!!

Happy birthday to you? I was going to email - but then I remembered I had the date wrong last year. And I don't know if I fixed it. Arrrghhh!!

Sandra said...

wow, you are pretty busy during summer days! go Zonda!

Opal said...

i love that shawl yarn. mmm. blue.

love the yarn you're spinning. mmm.

love. love. love!

Javajem said...

Love the socks! They actually remind me of sock monkey colors!

weezalana said...

Lookit all the pretty colors! Still loving how the Gnome Socks are knitting up, and that Plucky Knitter blue is gorgeous.

DPUTiger said...

Love the color in that last shot. We're having a store KAL for Liesel. Not my cuppa, but people are having fun with it!