Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marvelously Maude

Here she is, sitting here, ready to be spun.
Original picture here as I had trouble getting a good picture and started spinning it at the end of the TdF.

A few weeks later and she's all on the jumbo bobbin, waiting for her hot bath! Well you know after she's wound round and round, tied up and measured!
I knew I wanted singles from this fiber so I used the jumbo bobbin to have 1 long, continuous yarn. My spinning guru taught me to think about "how" I want to spin the fiber, and what I want the end result to be. Still working on the how. (meaning getting more consistent with a weight)

During this spin, I learned that there is an easy drafting end to roving. Could be why some of this is sport/worsted and a wee bit is fingering and bulky. I learned to pull/draft a bit from either end of the roving and see which one pulls apart easiest. Who knew...certainly not me, and it made such a difference in the latter end of this spin. It is so nice not to have to PULL like crazy trying to draft. My wrists would ache!
I wasn't kidding about being highly energized ;)
Some highly energized singles there!

Let's take a closer look. Sigh...not only do I love the colors..
Highly energized singles!
I love the look of "energized" singles. They have a look and feel about them. These singles were 15 wpi and approximately 294 yds.

And then someone decides she needed a hot/cold bath....not just once...
but 3 times! She lost like 19 lbs! um..yards after those! Phew!

Here's where you can see the various weights of yarn here.
So many...
I guess "she" couldn't decide which weight she wanted to be...ever have those days ;)

time at the yarn table
Artsy yarn table shot!

275 yds..

100% Cormo Pencil Roving from GLBLF
Maude Colorway
approximately 275 yds of sport/worsted weight (wee bit o'fingering and bulky to show off ;)
12-14 wpi

It's pretty soft, thanks to having her many baths. ;) As you can already tell, I love the color depth! Sam/Tom(the GLBLF Team) dye some great colors!

It would have been easier to spin had I known about the difference (need to read more, no one's fault but my own) in the direction of the fibers and if I hadn't split the pencil roving in half...sigh...I didn't have a clue, thought that was what one did. In doing this, I also compacted/twisted some of the roving so it was harder to draft. Won't do that again either!

Stay tuned for more from GLBLF , I have some cool gradient colorways and other fibers waiting their turn at the wheel!


cpurl17 said...

It's gorgeous!!!

Carol said...

I had no idea there was a right and wrong end to draft from.that explains a lot...now if I could just find the time to play with the wheel.

Lindsay said...

That turned out beautifully! I'm going to have to play around with the new knowledge on easy drafting ends when I get home.

dianne said...

A right and a wrong end, who knew? That is really beautiful! I love the colors :-)

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh pretty!

Karen said...

It came out beautiful. And it sounds like you picked up some good tips for future spinning too!!

WingedStrategos said...

Such a beautiful skein and it definitely has a lot of character.

DPUTiger said...

very purdy! Nicely done!

And OK, my verification word is "peris" which looked like something else for a minute. Eep!

Lynn said...

wow gorgeous!!

Gena said...

That is beautiful enough to make me consider learning how to spin!

Acornbud said...

Very pretty!

katie kirby said...

They are such beautiful colours!!!