Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's up Wednesday!

Lots going on around here let me tell you!

I'll start with some Wip's, well the only ones I'm confessing to this week! My goal is really to finish's a goal right ;) I did frog a sock on Friday...sigh it was too hard to get the cuff on, but I ignored that wee voice thinking it'll be all right I'll just upsize a needle...fastforward to the gusset decrease and um..not working. So what does one do when a sock is frogged, start another one!

Charybdis complete with cat butt/tail!
Complete with cat butt/tail ;)
STR Lightweight Pepe' La Plume, wonder if she knew it was a feline colorway (well I'm calling it that!)

Gaenor Shawl
Happy Forest Shawl
Smooshy in Happy Forest, this green is so nice!! Right now it's portable and an easy to follow chart. (BTW, how do you like my bunge cord chair! It's pretty comfy!)

This one a stay-at-home knit! Why, because just watching the tv can through my count off...lace newbie here...
Wandering the Moor
Bugle Boy Blue!
Only a newbie would have 2 shawls OTN too! hmmm

Dishcloth mania will be'll be seeing many done for our Knitting Guild charity knitting this year.
Start of dishcloth Mania
Plus, sign ups for the Revenge of Dish rag tag start Monday. I hope to be on a team where no one flakes :( we did finish though, eventually!

Other news..hmmm hubby is still travelling on/off for work and hoping for a promotion soon. Please send new job hunting vibes. In this economy, we are really thankful to be employed....however, for my sanity, pulease let him get a promotion. Pretty pulease!

My son is currently en route home from Singapore where he spent 3 months on a Navy supply ship. It was part of his college requirement. He'll be home less than 2 weeks, than back to school. Wonder if I'll get the interesting version of the trip or the "clean" one ;)

Where's the fall huh...I...want....fall....tired of being cooped up in AC all the time! Besides, then I can wear my handknits. How about you? Aren't all of you about tired of this heat wave!


Kaye said...

I love the variety of colors you're knitting with!

I'm with you--bring on Fall!

Lynn said...

The trick is to crank up the a/c to wear the knits!!! Great projects!

Karen said...

Lovely lovely WIPs. I'm feeling a sudden hankering for dishcloths - maybe just what I need to kick-start my knitting mojo. Maybe I'll cast one on this afternoon.

Sending awesome job vibes to your hubby - you've both have more than earned them. Also sending hopes that you get "the clean version" from your son. :)

Daniele said...

So ready for fall as well!!

Two shawls on the needles at the same time is totally sane. I may do that myself!! Working on Haruni with Knitvana and thinking of starting a PI shawl.

Loving the yarn - especially the green smooshy!! :D

freshisle said...

So many pretty colours. Multiple works in progress is a good thing!
The humidity here has been awful. I'm not ready for fall, just a break in the humidity.

DPUTiger said...

Peppe le Plume is my next sock yarn in line too. All of your WiPs are looking good!

Affiknitty said...

Hi Zonda,
I realized you blog too when I saw your comment on my recent post. I hope you don't mind but I went ahead and linked to you when I mentioned selling yarn on Ravelry. Nice blog by the way!

weezalana said...

Loooove that green and that blue! And I am counting the days for this damn heat to break!