Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sockin' it to Bella

Almost a year ago I knit my Fortnight Beret. Although I loved it, it sadly decided to grow a bit big after blocking. That's what I got for trying to block it over a plate. Oh well, the best part about knitting is your ability to "make it work" if you should choose to.

Since I had a rockin' cowl already, and the frogged matching yarn (yes I did frog that beret) I figured, try another hat. Oh..note to everyone, when frogging doubled yarn that is knit..have another person with you so you don't end up with like 4 little balls of yarn and tons of ends to weave in.

I saw the Sockhead hat and thought, yeah, that'll work. Fast forward many months later and here you are!

Don't think I'll wear it like this much, it's too heavy in the back and will fall off.

This is more like it!
So happy to be done! It took me forever! It was car knitting for a long while, and truthfully, knitting with size 2's on a hat wasn't something I looked forward to. In fact, it made my hands ache like I was knitting on cotton.

Tail shot
See the back, I got the blocking idea from Cristi, yeah the one whose knit like 3 of them...glutton for punishment or what...wait, she knits hers on size 4's...smart one she is ;)

Sockhead Hat
Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure
Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR Mediumweight in Bella Coola
US 2 circs, thankfully I found a 16" circ so I didn't magic loop all of it.

Mods-unwittingly, I only hat 140 sts instead of 144. I had no idea until the decrease row, after some maths...I ended up just skipping a decrease section. They went so much quicker than anything else.

Will I knit this again...not for a while and sure as hell not on size 2's again! It is a great use of a skein of sock yarn or heavier yarn, you know that single skein you bought for some reason ;)


turtlegirl76 said...

Yeah no way would I knit a hat on 2s unless it was fair isle. I LOVE the Bella Coola for this hat! It looks fantastic!

dianne said...

I love the hat! But now I'm rethinking..... I bought a 16" size 1 needle to make this hat thinking "8st/inch? No big deal. Stockinette goes fast." Hmmm.....

Karen said...

I love the color!

Btw, I had a dream the other night that I can not remember, but I know that you were in. I'm sure we were getting into some sort of yarny trouble though. :)

Marissa said...

So pretty! Given how long it takes me to finish a sock, this would be a 10 year project for me. Yikes. Love it, though!

Karen said...

It's super cute - but yes, size 2s for a hat. *shutter*

Anyway, to me one benefit of knitting over sewing is that if a project doesn't work, even after it's 100% done, you can still frog it and start over. :) Well, unless it's a felted project, of course!

~RaenWa~ said...

I wish I was more of a hat person there are so many gorgeous hats out there right now that I want to knit. Maybe I will make them & give them away lol.

Knitting Kris said...

Zonda, this hat looks great on you! I have mine ready to weave in the ends. It took FOREVER to knit. I knit mine on #3's.
I love this colorway - beautiful!

Acornbud said...

Nice job on the hat! I did mine in sports weight and top down. It still took forever. Looks great on you.

Jo said...

I love the blues and greens! I'm glad you were able to fudge through the decreases - I think the way you did it was really smart.

weezalana said...

Love it! That colorway looks great in that pattern!

Affiknitty said...

It looks very cute on you!

Carol said...

I knit mine on 3.35mm needles. I LOVE this hat. I have already worn it half a dozen times. 9(ys, it's gotten cold enough here. sigh)