Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's like learning....

To cook all over again! What a difference 20+ years makes!! Yes, that's how old my old stove was...wait, they call them ranges now LOL!

It's not my dream range, very far from it, but who wants to put their dream stove/range/oven in a house they hope to leave within 2 years!!

New stove :)
Besides...when one is forced to buy a drop in stove, one doesn't have many when one is forced to buy said stove right after the doesn't have much moolah to do so!

We have the kitchen ceramic tile that could be put in there, but seriously the cost of having that done plus cupboard finishing to have a slide in or free stand, would about triple the cost. So yeah, if the new homeowner wants to do so, they have the tiles. Still have to find something to put in the space under the stove left from previous stove. Apparently stoves have gotten shorter over the years ;)

You will also note that oh..why is her range hood she color blind. No I am not. Said new range hood doesn't wanna come live with me. Why not...I'm kinda nice!!!!

I knew it was gonna happen, when they called for installation day appointment...she said, just the stove...I said that and the range hood...ok I'll add it. Fast forward to this week....after I called to verify appointment due to bad weather this week, again was asked if it was just the stove. Again I replied....and the range hood!!! So I called the big box store to see if both parts were in. They were...however on install one had a clue.

Long story short, I waited all day (except for a few hours when I had errands to run which they were told I wasn't going to be home, which is why I made a morning appointment..... make me the last customer of the day) for the return of installers for my new range hood. About 7 pm I realized it wasn't gonna happen....:( a not so nice message to installers was left and my salesperson was called. Now hoping I am first in line Monday for my new range hood (which BTW I declared a no frying zone in my house a few months ago until I got a new one cause old one wouldn't absorb odors, new filter or not!) not that we fry much..anyhoo

New stove
So you can see the cookies baking. I have never baked cookies at 10 am in my life LOL! Sure would have been nice to have a new range hood to absorb the new oven cooking smells!!

oooh emmm geeee for being a non-fancy stove it makes me smile! Who knew in like 20 years, stoves have changed so much. For one, I don't have the oven venting under the back vents out front by the handle. Plus the self cleaning option..ahhhhh set it and forget it and no scrubbing allowed!

So I have a new black backsplash waiting to replace the old one covered with stainless steel looking tiles. Then I found an awesome new countertop to replace the old one. Since we only have like 2 countertops I think for not too much money, I can update and make this kitchen look awesome. Again, it's nothing fancy, still a laminate, but the colors will tie the tile, cupboards, stove, fridge and dishwasher all together....stay tuned for that!
Chocolate chip oatmeal
Cookies are ok, had to bake longer than usual, but hey it's breaking the oven in. FYI chocolate chip oatmeal...sans for hubby. Oh and these are those pouch cookie mixes...they are usually for hubby to know sorta fool proof. What??? you thought I'd make them from scratch at 10am on a Saturday?? HA!


Discoknits said...

Congrats on your new oven :0) The cookies look delish. I made some yesterday - peanut butter cookies with choc chips. Just finished them for lunch. I am SO making more cookies this year. And you'll be making all sorts in your spanking new oven too - enjoy!

Marissa said...

There you go- give it a good workout, and make sure to teach EVERYBODY in the house how to use it!!

Kaye said...

It's quite pretty. Weird that it vents by the handle--doesn't that make opening it hard??
I'm filing that little feature away for it I ever have to buy an oven. I rely on taht backburner venting to do a lot for me (melt butter, etc.)

Knitting Kris said...

Yeah for new appliances....we need to go shopping for a dishwasher. Can you believe that the people who built our house never had one? I told my husband that I would never live without one, but here I am over 6 months later, still no dishwasher.
Now that the other house is finally sold, I'm on the market for one.
PS - do they still call them dishwashers? HA HA HA - probably not!

dianne said...

Enjoy the new range! Hopefully the learning curve on how the oven cooks will be short! And I have to say that I am envious of your knife collection.

Anonymous said...

Don't ya just hate when you have to wait on installers???? UGH! I hope you aren't giving them any of your cookies.

weezalana said...

Lucky! I guess now I'm the only one who has the oldest stove on the planet!