Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ten on Tuesday


10 things you wouldn't want to live without....hmmm... (people not included) ;)

1. Coffee---real, honest to goodness coffee, not decaf for me!! I've had decaf when I was pregnant..yeah, tasted like ground up baked beans to me. (baked beans are for eating not drinking!) In 16 yrs..maybe accidentally had it a few times but definately not on purpose ;)

2. Tweezers--trust me, well needed ;)

3. Knitting--don't know how I ever relaxed before...I can fall asleep knitting, sure can't do that sewing..er..wait a minute..I did and sewed my index finger a few stitches..ouch!!

4. books/magazines/ any reading material--sometimes you gotta get away..far, far away ;)

5. hand/body lotion--don't want crusty skin :D

6. hair dye--well, at least until my roots were grown out, then I wouldn't care...

7. Cinnamon--my favorite spice. If you make food or some sort of candle/room fragrance in cinnamon I'm there!

8. Ground pepper-we are talking fresh ground pepper!! I heart it so, so much my former spicy liking hubby has told me to um..er..be less heavy handed.

9. Clothes--I mean really do I have to say why ;) I think I'd get used to no power or running water if I had to and would wash by hand if necessary.

10. Chocolate--do I even have to say why here either ;) I've heard of quite a few people being allergic to chocolate (in my job I haz to question peeps about their allergies) I would just be sad :(

So there you have it, 10 things about me...hmmmm...


dianne said...

Fresh ground pepper would be on hubby's list for sure! Drives me nuts that he will put pepper on something before he even tastes it! I still need to do my list :-)

Karen said...

I am right there with you on all of them again (we are so alike) . . . although I have managed to hold off on the hair dye so far. Probably not much longer though, the grays are really coming in fast now. But until then, I'll just swap hair dye for my iPhone. :D

Knitting Kris said...

Oh, you had me until the pepper......jeez! Everything else....I'm there with you! :)
And how about those chocolate allergies. I want to offer them an antidepressant or something....It makes me so sad, I have to eat more chocolate (says the lady who consumed a ghirardelli square before her chili tonight...:)

weezalana said...

I miss coffee. *sigh*