Wednesday, January 05, 2011

WIP Wednesday--New Year edition

Whew...a new year and some people take some time to reflect on their wip's...meaning finish or frog. I plan on finishing my many this year...that is my goal! These lovelies are patiently awaiting their turn to become FO's!

A cuff...of a sock!!
Sock mojo...
My sock mojo just took a vacation, extended ;) Although this hasn't been touched in a few weeks...I plan on finishing soon... Uncle Frank socks for hubby.

Here's the progress on my Dark & Stormy cardi
Dark and Stormy cardi
Been neglected too! Son visiting, holidays, and test knitting...oh and house stuff, not much knitting time lately!

Close up of back cable
Close up of the back cable. I so want to finish this cardi this month...will she or won't she...

Lastly, this tangled looking knit is a Special Olympics Scarf for 2011 Another longwise knit one, my favorite! Size 10.5's yeah!
Another long one!
Using the required Red Heart yarn in required colors...sigh..the thought of how much it will be appreciated helps me along :)


Lynn said...

A friend of mine is also stitching for the Special Olympics. Is it all solid this year? I know it was stripes in the past, but her's is a solid blue as well.

Discoknits said...

Only 3 wips? Wow, well done. I'm sure you'll crank those out in no time. I knit a sideways scarf over Christmas. Fun!

dianne said...

Dark and Stormy is such a gorgeous sweater!!! Every time I see it I want to cast on myself :-)

MsKnottyKnits said...

Creature Comforts Cardi... (cough cough cough)

The Dark and Stormy is indeed lovely. Are you using your new purl trick?

Acornbud said...

You can do it:) Happy Knitting!