Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ten on Tuesday


10 Favorite Oscar Winning Movies:

In no particular order....

1. The English Patient - huge crush on Ralph Fiennes....sigh, men with an accent ;)

2. West Side Story - I do like musicals :)

3. The Sound of Music - I loved it all, the singing, scenery, storyline....

4. The Silence of the Lambs - Clarice....... still gives me the chills!

5. Forest Gump - run Forest, runnnnnnnnn

6. Schindler's List - chilling definately, but a good story. Great acting too.

7. The Greatest Show on Earth - I like it :)

8. Terms of Endearment - much like Steel Magnolias, it's a hard movie for me to watch :(

9. Gone With the Wind - my favorite line..."Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn!"

10. Rocky - yo' Adrian!!

I do like old movies, and around here, we see lots of them, plus wartime ones. I have to admit, the last few Oscar winning movies I've had no desire to even see. Out of the last 5 winners, I've only seen bits of No Country for Old Men...

Now is my list of what should have been Oscar winning movies! ;)

1. Casino Royale - um..er...Daniel Craig ;)

2. Quantum of Solace - ditto Daniel Craig, he's my favorite James Bond.

3. Defiance - double ditto Daniel Craig, but I have to admit, when hubby and daughter wanted to see this at the theatre I said, meh..but went to spend time with them. Brought my knitting and started to knit...until you know who appeared on the screen. But seriously, this is a really good movie.

4. Steel Magnolias - I think Sally Field did a wonderful job in this. But the scene stealer was Shirley MacLaine....Weezer....

5. The Shawshank Redemption - in the end, Andy got out, and Ellis got to join him, and the Warden got his just desserts.

6. Star Wars - What are they up to now...like 77 ;) Nothing to me better than the original.

7. Vertigo - Love Alfred Hitchcock movies, this one was my favorite.

8. ET - ET phone home....

9. Psycho - again Alfred Hitchcock, chilling and for a while after I first saw it, taking a shower was a bit scary ;)

10. Saving Private Ryan - very realistic and sad scenes.

There you have it, maybe you've found one you've not seen yet...or not ;)


Knitting Kris said...

Oh, good list Zonda! I've seen most of these films. I just bought a copy of Gone with the Wind....I've yet to watch it at home. Somehow, nobody else here likes the classic flicks. :(
We did watch The Bucket List on TV the other night, and that story is sweet and sad all at the same time.....

Discoknits said...

Daniel Craig is the double of my BFF's husband, no kidding. It is freakish that they have the same mannerisms even. I really like him as Bond too :0)

dianne said...

Great list! You have quite the crush on Daniel Craig :-) He is a bit of eye candy!

Sandra said...

I can, mean really can understand all of your choices ...but ... The English patient?????
I remember the time it won Oscar everybody was talking just about that movie! So one day I decided to watch it!
errrr, somewhere at the beginning I started to pinch myself ... 10 minutes after I was begging my roommate to smack me ... 10 minutes after I gave up!
One of the most annoying movies ever! sorry!