Friday, February 18, 2011

YPF-Fiber edition

This is from the Oct/Nov Spin-a-long, behind I know, especially since I have the Feb/Mar to do now!

Autumnal Rite-Tom's Colorway
4 oz. Polwarth
GLBLF Polwarth

I had some drafting trouble, totally me though. Still learning here :)
As I was halfway through plying as a 2-ply, I was wishing I had navajo plied it. But, one can't undo a plied bobbin. Well one can, but you have to be nuts to do so! ;)

It's so soft and poufy!! Thinking of something to knit with it. Maybe something with garter...hmmm...

When one has leftovers from plying, one practices navajo plying. Yes, one does that especially since my last one was a bit ropey, gorgeous, but stiff.
This....swoon, is so light, sproingy, and airy!!! Sadly only 20 yards, but who knows, it could be the brim of something!

Another look at the loveliness of navajo ply!
Autumnal Rite leftovers
Practicing getting my singles thin enough so I can gain more n-ply yardage. One day it'll happen!

In the meantime, I'll enjoy what I make.
Autumnal Rite
GLBLF 4 oz. Polwarth
170 total yards of 2 ply dk/worsted
20 yds of sport navajo ply


Sandra said...

like it a lot! though non-navajo ply is more appealing to me!

dianne said...

Pretty colors! I have no idea what the difference is in the ply-ing, but I like the end result for both.

MsKnottyKnits said...

Your plying is gorgeous on all three skeins, momma! How I wish we were sitting together and spinning right now. I miss it terribly.

Knitting Kris said...

Lovely. I'm totally smitten with handspun lately!