Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Funkified Toasts!

Remember my last post?

Now even more Funkified ;)

Funkified Toasts

I couldn't think of a cool, funky shot...boring huh!
Funkified Toasts

I really love how the colors turned out. I let it knit up however it wanted to be. What's going on with my type "A" ness ;)
Funkified Toasts!
Toast by Lesile Friend
US 7's
Funkified Eegads Handspun 109 yds

I cast on 30 stitches for the first one. Since I had 2 balls of yarn, I knit this one until I had just enough for bind off, which was 9.5". It was a little tight, but I was hoping after blocking it would fit better. It does a bit, and in the pictures they aren't totally dry, so I stuffed them with plastic bags to stretch this one out more.

The 2nd one I cast on 32 sts and it fits much better. I knit until 9.5" and had about a quarter sized ball of leftovers.

This yarn is sooo dense. I didn't like how it was knitting on 8's, but yikes! I guess I need to soften my navajo plying or something ;)

Love the cheery, bright colors. With my weather though, going to hang out in my fiber room as decorations until next year though :( Hoping she dyes more of this colorway, I want a hat!


Kaye said...

And the blog has been funkified too! Nice!
I really like those. I'm sorry your weather makes them too hot to wear. Lame!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Those are super cute.

I like the new font on the blog too!

Knitting Kris said...

Beautifully funkified! The colors just pop! Very cheerful, yet classy too! What a nice project to bring you into Spring!

MsKnottyKnits said...

Oh! I like the new look over here! Anyway - remember the rainbow yarn I n-plyed? That stuff was ropey as heck. I hope yours was not that bad. I think I ply too tight when it comes to navajo plying, which works for sock yarn, maybe not so much for worsted/aran weight?

Discoknits said...

wow, I LOVE them. Yes, 'the weather' is so very nearly upon us. Urgh! No end in sight for me yet - we are about to buy a house here. Maybe I'll get to England when I'm 60 (you know, just about when I'm going to appreciate the warmer weather!!!).
The blog looks great too - a change is as good as a rest :0)

Beverly said...

Those are so adorable! I love the colors...very cheery and vibrant. I hope you get your hat!

Nice change on your blog. I love the background.

dianne said...

I love how they came out! I hope she does dye more because a hat to match would be awesome.

I like the new blog look. It's like visiting Funkytown over here :-)

Affiknitty said...

Another fabulous post where I get the treat of seeing fiber spun into yarn and knit into an FO right away! I love it!

Sandra said...

Cute, cuute,cuuuute!
really cute - and sooooo yummy!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness, those are adorable!!! You knit them up so fast too. I'm still so very impressed that you are now spinning up such great yarn and knitting it into pretty projects!!